Monday, July 17, 2017

Here's an idea for the advocates of diversity

A Pledge of Allegiance for Migrants to the West

“I, (full name), hereby accepting citizenship of X, voluntarily and consciously swear an oath to observe the Constitution and laws of X; to fulfill the duties of a citizen of X for the benefit of the state and society; to protect the freedom and independence of X; to be faithful to X, and to respect its culture, history and traditions.”

Where X = The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, etc.

Or do the advocates of diversity and mass migration hate the constitutional and legal foundations of Western civilization, the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Western nations, and do they hold in contempt those who fulfill the duty of citizens of Western nations to protect the freedom and independence of the Western nations and respect the history and traditions of those nations?

Yes, well, to pose the question is to answer it. The globalist money power hates the independent, sovereign nation state and seeks to undermine its constitution and laws, the sense of duty of its citizens to faithfully protect its freedom and independence, while respecting its culture, history and traditions.

Source: (Which explains why the West's globalist elite Hate Russia)


CanSpeccy: Globalist Justin Trudeau to Canadians: Canada Isn't Your Country, It Belongs to Everyone

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