Monday, March 6, 2017

How Trump Stumped the Bush-Clinton Treason Party and Set the Stage for the Second US Civil War

The US Civil War was fought over two things: cheap labor (slavery); and the import of cheap manufactured goods from England (free trade). The Yankees won, slavery was abolished, and a tariff was imposed to protect the North's infant manufacturing industries. Thus was launched the American economic miracle that made the United States the richest and most powerful nation on Earth.

But the Free Trade Agreement, signed by Bush I, the Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, and the General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade, all signed by Clinton I,  went far toward eliminating the tariff. The Obama-sponsored TPP and the TTIP were supposed to finish the job, creating a global system of free trade that would bring American workers into direct competition with Third-World workers, many of them earning mere pennies an hour.

Meantime, open borders have solved the servant problem, to quote Bush I,  and created sufficent competition in the labor market to drive many Americans into wage slavery. Thus has the verdict of the Civil War been reversed. Meantime, America has lost to China the title of the World's greatest manufacturing nation, while the profits of nominally American-based global corporations, Apple, IBM, Microsoft and General Motors, to name but a few, rise to new heights.

Trouble is, Trump stumped the globalist chumps, Bush (III), Clinton II, by solemnly promising to restore immigration control, end the offshoring of jobs, undertake a program of infrastructure renewal, and revamp the tax system to stimulate investment in American manufacturing.

To the Treason Party intent on stopping valuable resources being pissed away on good living by disgusting proles, the Trump program is absolute anathema. Hence the unrestricted information war loosed upon the Trump Administration by the corporate media, America's corrupt and politicized  K-to-early-middle-age education system, and the bureaucratic deep state.

And if information war fails to topple or neuter the Trump regime, expect blood in the streets as promised by Obama Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.



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