Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Death of the West: Who's Driving It, And Why

Both in America and Europe traditional beliefs, institutions, and customs are disintegrating or being transformed out of all recognition at an accelerating and for many, a terrifying rate. The upending of traditional patterns of life, the undermining of economic security for a majority of the people, and the growing fear of world war have driven deep political fissures through the Western nations.

Yet Lib or Con, Prog or Fascist, very few, it seems, understands what the political game is about.

Rather, in politics, the mass of people seek for emotional solace. In this pursuit, the contingencies of reward, both for the masses and for the media figures who guide the masses, are arranged by the largely unknown manipulators, whose objective is to establish a global empire.

Liberals and progressives are motivated in part by the joy of hating “haters”, “fascists”, “racists”, etc., and in part by their sense of moral superiority which derives from their, “tolerance,” their inclusiveness, and their readiness to trash their own tribe to the advantage of people from elsewhere — people, many of whom, feel only contempt for liberals and progressives.

Conservatives are driven both by an inbred resistance to change and an awareness of the genocidal consequences of liberalism: namely, reproductive failure and the occupation of their living space and then the ranks of their government by people of an alien race, religion and culture.

Meantime, the drive for global empire, directed by the money power, the banks, the global corporations and the dynamic elements of the plutocracy, the likes of Zuckerberg and Soros, continues. The means to that end? The destruction of the nation states, particularly the powerful Western states that have dominated the globe for the last several centuries.

Hence the money power backing to the liberals and progs in their campaign of hate against conservatives, and their war on patriotism, Christianity, traditional sexual morality, and even of sexual identity.

The end result? A world of both bridges AND walls, c.f. Mark Zuckerberg. The nation states will dissolve as the nations themselves, particularly the European nations, are annihilated. The mongrelized masses will survive as best they can under conditions of increasing poverty, as competition both from immigrants and robots drives down the value of labor. The elite will increasingly live behind the safety of walls, traveling by either by air or, perhaps, as Elon Musk envisages, by private tunnel.

It’s a replay of the Roman empire, first attempted by the British. The alleged British racist, Enoch Powell, for example, was an imperialist who promoted the idea of Imperial citizenship. Under his scheme, the Brits were to be submerged in a sea of hundreds of millions of Asians and Africans. It was Enoch Powell, in fact, who instigated the importation of cheap West Indian labor to Britain in the 1950′s. Only when the failure of the British imperial project became undeniable did Powell speak out against mass immigration to Britain and thus earn renown as a supposed racist.

The US has adopted the same Roman/British plan: subjugate the world and admit the world to US citizenship. Hence the Obama:Merkel:Lib/left hatred of patriotism, nationalism, and traditional morality that conduces to national survival.

Today, we see the possibility of pushback against empire in the vote for Brexit, EU chaos and the election of Trump. Are these straws in a new wind? Or are they part of the manipulated scene to drive the herd in the wanted direction? The world is up for grabs, the struggle for control being among little more than a handful of individuals. How this plays out, no outsider can possibly say for sure.


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