Thursday, December 15, 2016

Will President Obama be charged with treason over a fabricated birth certificate?

The report states: 
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and lead investigator Mike Zullo along with forensic experts on two continents have concluded that President Obama’s birth certificate is not authentic and are seeking to take the matter up with the federal government.
If the charge is proved, it would expose Obama to prosecution for treason by a Trump-appointed Attorney General. The investigation thus provides one reason for ongoing efforts to overturn the result of this year's US Presidential election.

But the election of Donald Trump would also: 
expose the Clintons to investigation and possible prosecution over charges of  bribery, murder and treason;

render worthless the $1.2 billion paid by business lobbyists, foreign governments, and agents of foreign governments in support of Hillary Clinton's failed presidential bid;

sets back or kill the plan for a New World Order, which the Rockerfellers and other globalist bankers have worked for since Lord Rothschild and the British imperialist, Cecil Rhodes, created a secret society for the projection of Anglo-American world domination.
With stakes so high, the risk is great that events will turn on an assassination or civil war.


WND: Sheriff's probe finds Obama birth certificate 'fake'

National Review: Of Course Russia Meddles in Our Elections — But the ‘Hacking’ Claim Is a Farce

According to the Democrat-media complex, the IC believes Russia not only meddled in our election but intentionally swung it to Trump. Indeed, to hear them tell it, our spies haven’t been this sure of something since that “slam-dunk” about Saddam hoarding WMDs.
In point of fact, though, they don’t even have proof that pins hacking on Putin’s regime. The main heavy breathing comes from the Washington Post. If you invest the time it takes to read through the first 26 paragraphs of its explosive report, you are finally told that the Post’s sources — anonymous “intelligence officials” — admit that the “actors” who came into possession of hacked files are “‘one step’ removed from the Russian government.” They may have “affiliations” to Russian intelligence services, but what exactly that means the sources can’t say. No wonder that the FBI, which is expected to be able to prove the allegations it makes, disagrees with the Post’s unidentified leakers. No wonder that other intelligence sources tell the Wall Street Journal’s editors that the leakers’ evidence is “thin.” (Since this column was written, the New York Times has published a lengthy report to undergird the “Russia Hacked the Election” narrative; I had a brief reaction to it on the Corner this morning.)
Scott Adams: Time to Fire CIA Director Brennan

Ricky Twisdale: Donald Trump Will Ruthlessly Decimate the CIA for Turning on Him — If he does, it'll give Putin a laugh. Maybe they're Putin's agents leaking from the CIA.

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