Friday, July 15, 2016

When They Call the Victims of Terrorism "Far-Right," What's Going On?

Yesterday, someone, apparently an Islamic terrorist, deliberately drove a truck through a crowd in Nice, France, killing at least eighty people and severely injuring hundreds more.

How does the French state react to opponents of the Islamization of France? By calling them "the Far Right," or the "extreme right."

Thus, it is reported:
Patrick Calvar, the head of the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) – France's equivalent of MI5 – said growing tensions between "the extreme right and the Muslim world" were close to breaking point, and that a confrontation between the two appeared inevitable.
Even when a majority of people, as in Austria for example, vote for a Presidential candidate opposed to mass Islamic immigration, they are called "the Far Right".

To be "Far Right" is to be an extremist or even a Nazi, which is to say someone verging on being a terrorist, which is to say a hater, and therefore a person to be targeted with officially sanctioned hatred.

Use of the term "Far Right," in reference to those who oppose the genocide of their own people as "Far Right" is thus hate speech, officially sanctioned and, media-promoted.

Such hate speech is state promoted, indeed state mandated, via the PC component of state-controlled education. For what purpose is such hate speech mandated? To facilitate the genocide of the European nations.

So, if someone characterizes your reasonable opposition to elimination of your national group by suppression of indigenous reproduction combined with mass replacement immigration, remember, they are trying to exterminate you and your kind.

To say that is, of course, Far Rightism, and as I do not wish to be targeted for scrutiny or punishment by the security services of any state, let me say here and now, I am opposed to all expressions of extreme speach, left, right or centre.


And here, from by Anatoly Karlin:

Though you might get censored and banned for expressing the wrong viewpoint in the US, at least you won’t go to jail (yet). But warnings, fines, and arrests for expressions of wrongthink about the women and children who are also doctors and engineers on social networks in Europe are now a weekly occurence, and things are only going to get much worse as trans-European regulations on “hate speech” are adopted under the auspices of the EU with the active connivance of Zuckerberg and Merkel, in which “extremism” functionally translates to “anything critical of the EU’s current catastrophic immigration policy.” In practice, these policies will likely extend to the US as well, because of the multinational nature of Facebook’s moderation and its cross-Atlantic ideological unity.

The US plans to start collecting social media profiles as a condition of entry into the country. Apps are being created that scour your social media profiles for financial and political reliability, and in the not too distant future might become a condition of getting hired or taking out credit. These apps have floundered thus far, but this might not be indefinite, as technology advances and the bargaining power of labor gets further diminished by mass immigration and automation. Facebook is taking steps tostake out its territory in Virtual Reality before it has even properly emerged, buying up the Oculus Rift and immediately refocusing it on advertising.

Should we continue feeding this machine? As Zuckerberg himself once said in a private message when founding Facebook, “They “trust me.” Dumb fucks.”

Let’s listen to him.



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