Monday, June 20, 2016

Did Cameron Call the Brexit Vote to Blackmail the EU?

Here, at the Daily Bell, Putin's comment that Cameron called the Brexit referendum to blackmail the EU is examined and plausibly explained. In brief, the Daily Bell suggests, Cameron threatened the EU with Brexit unless the EU made certain concessions to the City of London's financial interests. Those concessions having been made behind closed doors, Cameron's job now is to ensure the failure of the Brexit campaign.

Aided by the murder of Saint Jo Cox, the first martyr for mass Muslim immigration, the EU, and globalization, it looks as though Cameron's blackmail, if that is what it was, has succeeded. Any hope for a majority Brexit vote now would likely require Nigel Farage to have himself shot by a maniac draped in the EU flag, making Farage a worthy successor to St. George as the patron saint of the English.


Britain's MI5-Controlled Muslim Fifth Column Backs Remain — EU Easier on Muslim Crime

EU referendum: Poll reveals third of Leave voters believe MI5 conspiring with Government to stop Brexit
And the other two thirds are in for a shock

EU referendum polls latest: Majority of voters want Brexit despite shift in Remain support
What the people want and what the get will be different things if the globalist elite have anything to do with the outcome, as they surely intend

Remain camp is accused of new low over Jo Cox death after urging activists to say leave backers created 'division and resentment'

Englishman branded "racist" for flying England flags from his car for Euro 2016
If you don't hate your own race and nation, then you're a raaacist.

Brexit: Whose Interests Does the Bank of England’s Ardently Pro-EU, ex-Canadian, ex-Goldman-Sachs, globalists' globalist Governor Really Serve?

It’s Not Just the UK – Widespread Support for EU Referendums Seen Across the Continent
Don't worry. If they can fix the UK referendum, as they appear to have done, they can fix 'em all.

Jo Cox Shooter Attended Meeting of White Supremacists Arranged by FBI Informant

Twelve Reasons Brits Won't Brexit. Or How Great Nations Die

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