Friday, February 5, 2016

A Ukrainian Cabinet Meeting

December 14, 2015:

Note: All those speaking, Avakov, Saakashvilli and Poroshenko ( who calls the meeting closed to prevent escalation of violence), speak in Russian, the only common language they have.

We in Canada support these thieves, liars, and opportunists (and here, and here, and here) to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to please the Canadian Ukrainian Congress and the United States of (Russophobic) Aggression.


The Ukraine begs Canada for arms to kill some more of those stinking Donbass Ruskies

Why do those idiots in the Ukraine want arms? Crimea has gone in accordance with the will of the great majority (more than 80%) of the people (and that's according to a Pew Research poll, not Russian propaganda). Donbass demands autonomy within the Ukraine in accordance with the will of the people. And what's hard to understand about that? Remember, Julia Tymoshenko, American Lacky, ex-convict, former two-time Ukrainian Prime Minister, leader of Ukraine's Fatherland Party, calling for a gun to go kill damn Russians (that is, ethnic Russians of the Ukraine's Donbass region).

What the Ukies need do is to get the CIA out of Kiev and all the other foreign scum, Tony Blair for example, out of The country, and adopt a sensible policy of friendship toward both East and West: that way, they'd become a major bridge between the two to the benefit of all parties.

Ukraine minister throws water in governor's face in new row

Ukraine's Econ Minister Denounces Corruption, Storms Out of Government

Ukrainian Canadian Congress confirms that the Trudeau government continues Canada's grovelling support for Ukraine's Nazi-backed, kleptocracy

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