Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Hell With Scotch Nationalists: Their Goal Is NWO Assimilation, Their Motive is Treason

Advocates of Scotch independence are either idiots or scoundrels.

They demand Scotch independence with membership of the EU and NATO, which is total silly bugger bollocks.

The EU and NATO are among the chief driving forces for global integration and the universal human rights agenda, which trumps the right of national self determination.

The universal human rights agenda grants equal rights to everyone over your local affairs, which is to say, it grants every Syrian refugee or Islamic extremist the right to migrate to the poverty-stricken Scottish Island of Bute without regard for the wishes of the local population. And it grants every Indian, Esquimo, Pakistani and Australian aboriginal the right to migrate to Glasgow or Edinburgh, without regard for the wishes of the local population. Moreover, it grants anyone from anywhere the right to migrate to Glasgow or Edinburgh and agitate for Islamification, cannibalism, genital mutilation, head chopping, head-flattening, neck-stretching, poylygamy, partial birth abortion, infanticide, and the placing of bags over womens' heads in the name of multiculturalism and inclusiveness.

Scotch separatism is a genocidal globalist scam to destroy the Scottish nation as a racial and a cultural entity. It is driven by Soros agents and all the other NWO scum with the object of destroying the UK, a powerful geopolitical entity capable of preserving its own independence, while driving total assimilation of Scotland to the undemocratic European Union of which it would be among the most insignificant, ignored, and ridiculous members.


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  1. Actually no dumber than American Secessionists who see no problem with NAFTA and NATO, just Washington. As if DC had nothing do with... never mind.

    Idiots are scoundrels who are autistic about everything but their own pet peeve.