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Hillary Turns Hitlery, But Russian Planes in Syria Mark the Start of Cold War II, Not the Launch of World War III

Hillary Clinton speaking with NBC affiliate WHDH in Boston after a campaign event nearby, joins Carli Fiorina in calling for war with Russia in Syria:
I personally would be advocating now for a no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors to try to stop the carnage on the ground and from the air, to try to provide some way to take stock of what’s happening, to try to stem the flow of refugees. 
Are aging women aroused in some way by the thought of sending men in their prime to fight and kill one another? Or are these old bags grasping for power just crazy?

Obama tactfully attributed Clinton's lunatic call for direct confrontation with Russia to the "difference between running for president and being president.” Let's hope he's right, because if anyone were to launch a direct military challenge to Russia's military forces in Syria — which are acting in accordance with international law in response to a request from the legitimate government of that country — we could see Western influence in the World trashed in a day.

A direct air power confrontation between the US and Russia in Syria would place the US in a position reminiscent of Britain's naval confrontation with Germany in 1916, when Britain's main battle fleet met Germany's main battle fleet at what was known as the battle of Jutland. Had the Royal Navy followed traditional British naval policy, to pursue victory at every opportunity, at all costs and by all means, the defeat of Germany might have been achieved in a day. To attempt this, however, would have exposed Britain to a grave risk. The outcome of an all-out battle was uncertain. The British fleet was larger and more heavily armed than the German fleet, but if the Germans proved to have a technological edge, or if they fought with greater skill or good fortune, then it could be the British Navy going to the bottom, a disaster that would have resulted in Britain's inevitable defeat by Germany within weeks. Without a navy to convoy food from the New World and the Empire, Germany's U-boats would have starved Britain into surrender within weeks. The Brits therefore played for the draw that was achieved: not a glorious objective, but the wisest one, given the circumstances.

In Syria, an American no fly zone would bring America's most potent war planes in direct conflict not only with Russia's newly upgraded air force, but against Russia's potentially deadly S300/400 and supersonic S500 anti-aircraft missile batteries. In theory America's aircraft, such as the Lockheed Martin F-22s and F35s are superior to Russian planes in stealth, in battle management software, and in weapons.

But in a fight with the US Air Force, the Russians clearly believe they'd be in it with a chance. They have low frequency radar with which, it is said, so-called stealth aircraft are easily seen. Moreover in a dogfight, the F35 is slower and less maneuverable than Russia's top fighters. Moreover, the F35's splendid battle management software depends on communication among aircraft throughout the battle zone, communications that, some believe, the Russians have means to jam. Moreover, Russia may also be able to jam American radar, thereby blinding American aircraft to enemy targets.

So here's the risk. In a day, the US could be revealed to the world, as not the greatest power on earth, but a paper tiger. Immediately, friends will become cool, allies will seek other arrangements, vassals will rebel, and enemies will look to exploit their advantage. Under those circumstances, the only rational course for the United States is to adhere to international law and leave Syria to sort out its internal problems in its own way with the aid of whatever friends and allies to whom it appeals for assistance.


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What Zbiggy is saying is that the US is engaged in a covert war against Syria, which is to say a criminal war of aggression under the Nuremberg standard, and that any country that aids the legitimate government of Syria is defeating America's criminal aggression should suffer American retaliation, even if that country happens to be Russia, the only country in the world able to reduce the United States of America to radio-active ash. 

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Reacting to comments from Mr Cameron that those arming the Damascus regime had the 'blood of the children of Syria' on their hands, a furious Mr Putin said: 'The blood is on the hands of both parties.
'There is always a question as to who is to blame. One should hardly back those who kill enemies and eat their organs.
'It is hardly in relation to the humanitarian and cultural values Europe has been professing for centuries.' Mr Putin dismissed calls from Mr Cameron and the West to stop arming the regime of dictator Bashar al-Assad, saying Russia was supplying 'the legitimate government of Syria in full compliance with the norms of international law'.
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