Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is It Right to Be Racist?

Is it right to be racist? The answer depends on what you mean by "Right" and what you mean by "Racist", which in turn depends on what you mean by "Race." Here, I'll sort out these terms first and then examine the logic and morality of "Racism."

Human diversity is the result of populuations having lived for dozens, hundreds or thousands of generations in more or less genetic isolation during which time they have diverged from other groups as the result of selection, random genetic drift, and mutation to create the fascinating variety of human form, physiognomy and physiology, the photographic representation of which, in the pages of the National Geographic, undoubtedly accounts for the enduring popularity of that publication.

Thus human populations having little or no gene exchange with other populations become differentiated from one another and thus constitute distinct races. The races of mankind cannot be defined by some single marker such as skin color. Rather, races differ in gene pool composition, the differences reflecting not only the presence or absence of particular genes, but also the frequency of occurrence of genes common to most or all other populations. The races of mankind thus differ from one another in many ways, often subtle, the significance of which is generally impossible to assess, although many such differences must serve, or have served, to promote the survival of the groups concerned under the particular circumstances of their past or present existence.

Thus, rather than being divided into clear-cut and discretely separated racial blocks, human populations are related to one another as the branches of a family tree, but with many cross connections as groups have split, or in some instances merged or at least shared genes, as the result of migrations and conquests.

Within groups of any size, interbreeding though potentially free, is impeded by barriers of class, caste, or geography. Thus within any large racial group, there exist sub-groups that may be further divided down to the level of tribe, clan and extended family.

Despite the fuzziness of racial distinctions, the populations of the different regions and nations of the Earth are mostly distinct from one another. In some cases, relatively homogeneous population may be spread among several nations. Conversely, political boundaries have often been established without consideration of race, with the result that many states incorporate members of more than one racial group. Moreover, the recently established settler nations, the US, Canada, and Australia among others, are highly racially heterogeneous, possessing citizens of almost every major racial category on Earth. In time, populations of mixed-race countries will tend to coalesce to form a new race. Although initially these mongrel races will have an unusually heterogeneous genetic composition, in time that heterogeneity will be whittled down through various selective processes.

We can say, therefore, yes, contrary to the PC propaganda, the racial differences that everyone is conscious of, the difference between a Chinese and a Frenchman, a Russian and a Zulu, an Australian aboriginal and an Innuit are all real genetically based racial differences. Furthermore, less deeply differentiated sub-racial groups exist among those larger racial groups. The Scots, collectively, are undoubtedly different from the English, but they are closer to the English, the Welsh and the Irish than they are to say, the Germans, Bulgarians or Turks.

So what then is a "Racist." To a PC propagandist, it is racist even to assert the reality of race, which means that in large part, "Racist" is simply a stupid term of abuse. But to the PC propagandist, a racist is also a person who opposes the destruction of racial and cultural identities through mass movements of people and multiculturalism. And since some of the largest mass migrations of the present day are from the Third World to the European nations, which currently are severely reproductive dysfunctional, such movements are essentially genocidal, since the highly fertile Third Worlders will on present trends become, within a generation or two, the majority and dominant group within the country to which they have moved, as has happened already in many of the great European urban centers, including London and Paris.

Thus, according to the PC propagandists, a racist is a person who opposes racial and cultural genocide. Let me say that again, to a PC propagandist, a racist is a person opposed to genocide of their own people.

So is it wrong to oppose the genocide of one's own people? To pose the question is surely to answer it. Fighting for the survival of one's own has to be a fundamental human right. But what then of those who seek to promote genocide against the European or any other peoples? They recognize the existence of racial and cultural diversity within the human species and seek to destroy it through the process of miscegenation, thus eliminating entire peoples and civilizations. The implication is clear, since the liberal left define racism as opposition to the destruction of one's own people, racism is must be morally right.

But racism, as defined by the PC advocates of genocide, is not of course to be confused with the old-fashioned understanding of the term, which refers to a belief in the superiority of one race over another. Since human races clearly differ, they could be ranked in one way or another. West Africans, for example, produce the fastest runners, whereas Sherpas, the Innuit, and Australian aboriginals possess physiological or neurological characteristics that make them better adapted than others to their own particular environments. However, the notion of the general superiority of one race over another, though it may be widely believed, is meaningless, for you cannot devise a ranking of human groups on multiple diverse scales, of skin color, proportion of fast muscle, IQ, height, tolerance to heat, cold, low oxygen or whatever. Belief in the odious notion of general superiority of one race over another, is of course deliberately conflated by liberals and leftists to smear those who uphold there perfectly legitimate right to self-preservation.


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