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The globalist Lies of the New York Times, No. 79: Trump Has No Substance, People Just Like That He's "Ballsy"

In a column entitled, "Why Donald Trump Won’t Fold: Polls and People Speak," the NY Times worries that maybe the popularity of Trump is not "an unsustainable boomlet dependent on megawatt celebrity, narrow appeal and unreliable surveys of Americans with a spotty record of actually voting in primaries."

But hopefully, of course, it might be.

Then, building on this hope, the Times, continues: "[polls show that] Trump has built a broad, demographically and ideologically diverse coalition, constructed around personality, not substance."

Oh well, then, not to worry if there’s no substance to the man, the sizzle will soon fade.

Except, the Times continues, that in building that "diverse coalition, constructed around personality, not substance [he] has effectively insulated himself from the consequences of statements ... that might instantly doom rival candidates."

In poll after poll of Republicans, Mr. Trump leads among women, despite having used terms like “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals” to denigrate some of them. 
Actually calling some women "fat pigs" is probably why folks like Trump. Some women, after all, deserve such description, despite what the PC Times would have you assume.

Funny thing though, the Times has nothing to say about their own favorite, Hillary, who calls members of her security detail "shitkickers," "redknecks," "hicks" and "white trash," which is OK with the Timesey's PC crowd, I suppose, since they're all shitkicking males, ditto with Paul Fry, Bill Clinton's one-time campaign manager, described by Hillary as a "Fucking Jew Bastard" (and see here).

Then for God`s sake, the Times announces with feigned astonishment,
Trump leads among evangelical Christians, despite saying he had never had a reason to ask God for forgiveness.
In fact, the Times lies outright here. Trump has said he does not ask God for forgiveness, rather, he has said that he tries to do better next time, which seems a more promising approach to pleasing God than a grovelling plea for forgiveness.
He leads among moderates and college-educated voters, despite a populist and anti-immigrant message thought to resonate most with conservatives and less-affluent voters.
Another Timesey lie, there. Trump is not anti-immigrant, he's condemned illegal immigration, a totally different thing. But calling Trump anti-immigrant is the closest the Times dares come to smearing Trump as a proponent of the ultimate PC evil: RACISM.
He leads among the most frequent, likely voters, even though his appeal is greatest among those with little history of voting.
So don't worry folks, Trump's good poll numbers depend on people who don't vote when its election day.

Except that, eligible voters with little history of voting outnumber those who normally do vote, so if Trump mobilizes those reluctant voters, it could mean obliteration of those bought Globalist puppets who so turn off most voters.

And in any case, the Times says:
The diversity of his coalition could even be its undoing, if his previous support for liberal policies and donations to Democrats, for example, undermine his support among conservatives.
Like, a Republican who can win Democrat votes has no chance — is that the argument?

And his support, says the Times:
is not tethered to a single issue or sentiment: immigration, economic anxiety or an anti-establishment mood.
"Those factors" says the Times "may have created conditions for his candidacy to thrive, but his personality, celebrity and boldness, not merely his populism and policy stances, have let him take advantage of them."

So there you are again, Trump's success has nothing to do with what he`s saying, folks, its just his personality and celebrity have enabled him to take advantage of what really concerns people.

Asked the reason for their support for Trump voters "of varying backgrounds" all apparently "used much the same language, calling him “ballsy” and saying they admired that he “tells it like it is” and relished how he “isn’t politically correct.” They even like that he’s “He’s a person who gets things done.”

Well can you believe that? Everybody of whatever background calls Trump Ballsy!

Bit unlikely, innit?

But if they think Trump is "telling it like it is," they evidently believe, unlike the Times, that Trump is talking real issues not PC bollocks, and pro-war pro-globalization lies.


but, Oh God, read the whole bloody silly article yourself if you want to know every damn silly thing the Times has to say to diminish the significance of the Trump campaign.

The reality is, however, quite different from the wishful, dumb, deceptive and outright mendacious thinking of the Times. A lot of folks think Trump might make a good president because he's not a career politician, but someone used to dealing with practical problems and solving them successfully. Americans liked Ike (General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Commander in Chief of Allied Forces in Europe during WWII) for the same reason.

But more important than that, Trump supporters like what Trump is saying on the issues that Americans worry about:

There must be an end to uncontrolled mass immigration, which has swamped the labor market and created mass unemployment, especially among poor blacks and Latinos.

There must be an end to H1B visas for science, technology and math immigrants  until all qualified Americans are employed.

There should be recognition that America ha a Christian heritage that Christians should be proud to uphold.

There must be an end to off-shoring of American jobs to the sweatshops of Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere, which is driving down American incomes and driving unemployment sky high, and this can be accomplished with a tariff wall and tax incentives to induce corporations to bring capital back from abroad and invest it in American plants, design studios, laboratories and software labs employing American workers.

Those are the actual reasons that so many Americans support Trump, and if they understood clearly what Trump represents, they are reasons why most Canadians and Europeans would also wish Trump success in his campaign for the US Presidency.


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