Saturday, August 8, 2015

Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly is a high class presstitute to be protected at all costs by the American establishment  and her pimp, the pornographer Poop Murdoch, proprietor of NewsCrap and Fix News. Thus, following Kelly's failure to throw Trump off stride with her sneak PC assault during the Fix-News-hosted GOP candidates' debate on Thursday, the Money-Power media are today in full drivel mode about Trump's allegedly coarse post-debate remarks about Kelly.

To stoke this furor is particularly vital since it distracts attention from Trump's eye-opening revelation during Thursday's debate of exactly how the Money Power owns America's so-called democratic government. Trump achieved this revelation simply by remarking that in his capacity as a businessman he had given money to most of the other candidates on stage, plus Mrs. Clinton (to help pay for the Clintons' jet-set lifestyle), the reason being to ensure the benefit to his business of their future political influence should it be required.

Thus it is that Republicans who think that expunging coarse language from the political debate is more important than giving control of America's supposedly democratic government to the American people will find their idiotic view almost universally supported by the media over the coming days. Perhaps they should consider switching their support to the truly PC democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, who has received millions in donations from Fox News and whose use of abusive coarse language cannot be compared with that of Donald Trump.


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