Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Arseney Yatsenyuk: Silly Arse, Hitlerian Liar or Obama's Stooge?

Thursday, January 8, Arseney Yatsenyuk on an official visit to Berlin, told an interviewer on German TV channel ARD that the USSR had kicked off the Second World War by invading Germany.

"All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany,"

which is absurd not only because few of the present population of Germany were born 70 years ago, or can, therefore,"still clearly remember" anything about the Soviet march on Berlin, but also because the implication that Russia's invasion of Germany was an act of aggression ignores the fact that it occurred after Hitler's Germany had:
And, as Arse fails to mention, not only did Russia invade Germany, but so also did Russia's allies of both the first and second World Wars, namely, Britain, France and America.

So when Arse, then added that:

"Nobody has the right to rewrite the results of the Second World War [as Russia's President] Putin is trying to do" it is pretty clear that Yats is either a complete fool, or a proponent of the "big lie" school of politics, or as the head of Russia's parliamentary committee on international affairs Aleksei Pushkov commented:
"he has finally gone off his rocker. After his statement regarding 'the Soviet invasion into Germany and Ukraine' during the Second World War, one can't take him seriously."
Ukrainian puppet master.
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In fact, though, there's nothing daft about Yatsenyuk's resort to such a ridiculous statement: he was merely taking advantage of the fact that Germans, like nearly all Westerners today, even supposedly educated ones, are hopelessly ill-informed about world events of the 20th Century and therefore almost totally ignorant of their own history. By branding Russia as the aggressor against Germany during WWII, Yatsenyuk seeks, first, to whitewash Hitler's Nazi Germany and thus avoid the taint due to his own collusion with Ukrainiaan Neo-Nazis, and second, to stoke German hostility toward Russia against whom the the Anglo-Zionists, Yatsenyuk's puppet masters, now seek war.


CanSpeccy: Ukrainian PM, Arse Yatsenyuk: A Globalist Stooge Funded by Chatham House, NATO, and the US State Department

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