Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hating Russians on Cue from the Western Mass Media

the Saker has a pretty scary piece entitled Oh how much they hate and fear Russia and Putin, which prompted several people to comment on the depth of hatred for Russia in the Western world.

But, in fact, Westerners don't in any meaningful way hate Russians. How could they? They know essentially nothing about Russia. They simply hate whoever they are told to hate. That's the essence of Western democracy. The elite brainwash the mass to think whatever the elite want them to think and to vote for whatever the elite intend to do. Right now, hating Russians is what is called for from the West's brainwashed masses.

The effectiveness of Western brainwashing is one of the reasons the West won the cold war. The Russians quit believing anything they were told by the state long before the collapse of the Soviet Union, whereas in the West, even now, the dumbest half of the population can be relied upon to vote for whatever the elite — its voice mightily amplified by the mainstream media — tell them to vote for.

One comment on the Saker's post quotes Mike Whitney saying:
...the US will not be satisfied until Russia has been decimated and reduced to “a permanent state of colonial dependency
Afro-England: Birmingham, England where English children are not even
the largest minority. Source
Bit it's worse than that. The US seeks the breakup of Russia, just as they seek the destruction of every sovereign nation state. In fact, the Anglo-Zionist US elite looks forward to the eventual breakup of the US itself, but not until it has served its purpose as the sledgehammer to breakup the rest of world into petty states subordinate to the global institutions, which in turn will be directed by the money power: the global corporations, financial institutions and independent billionaires.

The goal for Russia, in other words, is total cultural and racial genocide, to be imposed from without since Russia refuses to commit suicide in the way that Britain, France the Netherlands, America, etc., are doing through mass indiscriminate immigration, suppression of the fertility of the indigenous people and the destruction of native culture through multi-culturalism enforced by political correctness.


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