Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Downing of Flight MH17 — Europe's Tonkin Gulf

Since July 17, I have read such reports as I`ve seen concerning the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 as it traversed the war zone in Eastern Ukraine. Remarkably, although President Obama was prompt to attribute the crash to an East Ukraine separatist missile launched with Russian aid, the United States has failed to make public any of the mass of relevant radar and satellite imagery that it possesses in support of this inflammatory charge. Rather, the United States has evidently aided the Nazi government of Ukraine in creating bogus evidence to frame the separatists, while the Kyiv junta refuses to divulge relevant information in its possession, for example, recordings of Ukrainian air traffic control instructions to MY-17, which took the plane directly over a battle zone to which civil aircraft had previously been prohibited.

Ukraine strikes own citizens with ballistic missiles:

In that context, this detailed and technically informed analysis of the MH17 shoot-down seems well worthy of review. Furthermore, the article`s concluding remarks concerning the wider signficance of MH17 deserve attention:
The citizens of the world must pay attention to the fact that the US has not provided any reasonable means to assist in the identification of the perpetrators of the MH17 shoot down. The bulk of its "evidence" consists of a rehash of what is found on social media. And much of what is found on social media has been shown to be forged by the Ukrainian Security Service and Ministry of the Interior.

When the neo­Nazis in Ukraine overthrow a democratically elected government, the west does nothing but rant against Putin. When the unelected government of Ukraine launches air strikes, MLRS Grad launches, and ballistic missile strikes against its own civilian population in Donbass, the west does nothing but rant against Putin. When the Kiev neo­Nazis burn people alive in Odessa, shoot them down as they attempt to escape the flames, and rape a pregnant woman before strangling her with a telephone cord, the west does nothing but rant against Putin.

When 298 innocent lives are lost, the west again rants against Putin. But it finally does more. In the person of the USA, it issues a cartoon which seeks to implicate the rebels, individuals fighting against the outrages perpetrated against them by the unelected government in Kiev. By its actions the US, and all those leaders aligned with it, demonstrates complete, total, and utter disrespect for the basic tenets of democratic freedom and for those citizens of the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, and those others who lost their lives in the MH17 shoot down.

This year marks the launch of the First World War 100 years ago. Any reading of the history of that conflict shows the political leaders, and the media, doing all they could to provoke war, not prevent it. The actions of Ukraine, the irresponsible invective and blathering of Obama, Kerry, Cameron, and the rest, appear designed to provoke what will likely be the Last World War.

The citizens of the world should act to stop them.

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