Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why the billionaires want to wipe you and the rest of the proletarian scum from the face of the Earth

Until the industrial revolution, almost every worker with a pair of hands was capable of work of value equal to, or greater than, the cost of own their maintenance. Thus population was of value to the elite and the wealthiest countries were those that supported the greatest populations.

Today, in the West, most people are redundant, not in theory, but in fact. Half the US population receives some form of welfare, workforce participation is declining, young people continue their "education" into their twenties and even thirties, becoming increasing ill-informed with every additional year of state-controlled, politically correct indoctrination in all matters from sex to climate change. In the meantime, computerization and robotization continually reduce the value of a pair of hands.

The off-shoring of millions of jobs from the West to the Rest, though it lowered real household income in the West, likely delayed the advance of automation, since it is tougher to build a robot that cost-effectively replaces an Asian paid 50 cents an hour, than to build one that replaces an American paid the minimum hourly wage of ten dollars or so.

But as the following video makes clear, the drive to create an automated economy, not just in manufacturing, transportation and low-level office work, but in the professions and creative occupations too, is proceeding relentlessly.

Hence the war on the nation state, a fundamentally democratic form of government that by definition must serve the interests of the people and thus do what is necessary to provide for them a means of subsistence and a basis for self-respect. Hence also the war on the Russian Federation where:
  • the GDP has tripled in the last fifteen years and the standard of living, if still modest, has vastly increased.
  • the thousand-year-old Russian commitment to the Orthodox Christian faith has been reaffirmed: a faith that holds each person, high or low, to be a child of God, created in God's image, and capable of the highest moral worth. 
  • where the ethnic and cultural heritage of the nation is protected by the state.
In all these respects, Russia and other genuine nation-state hold-outs are the great impediment to the dream of the globalist billionaire elite. That dream is to destroy the mass of humanity, now seen as useless eaters  made moronic by a globalized culture that grants greater legal protection to pornographers than to advocates of Christian faith, that destroys national traditions in the name of multi-culturalism, and that aims at the destruction of the ancient races of mankind through mass migration justified in the name diversity.

Few people in the West understand what is happening to them. They tolerate or chauvinistically applaud the Anglo-American drive for world hegemony, including the war on Russia, while failing to realize that their own ruling class has sold out — has been bought by the plutocratic elite, the Bilderbergers, the Trilaterists, the Davos crowd, the bankers and corporations that finance the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House, and that they are of no concern to anyone in government except as a potential cause of dissidence or revolt, against which governments continually prepare themselves, reading people's mail, destroying ancient liberties and accumulating means to crush civil unrest.


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Most people in the West, including those who are relatively well-informed about the geo-political context, see Putin as a 'dictator', a cold-eyed ex-FSB agent who is running Russia with an iron fist. There is only one reason why anyone can have ever formed this opinion: they are massively ignorant of how the world works. Putin is ex-FSB, and it is he, along with the upper echelons of Russian intelligence, that runs Russia. This is seen as 'anti-democratic' in the West and in those Russian minds infected by Western 'values' and propaganda. Yet US and British intelligence (among others) have been running not only the USA and UK for decades, but, indirectly, much of the rest of the world also.

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