Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dumb Sanctions on Russia

In his latest Web post, Paul Craig Roberts urges Russia to retaliate against EU-imposed economic sanctions by cutting off the supply of Russian oil and gas upon which Europe depends to satisfy about one third of its total energy needs. Putin, says Roberts, "would not have to turn off the energy supply for very long before Europe tells Washington good-bye and comes to terms with Russia."

Well maybe.

But more likely, in view of the massive economic damage caused by turning off the gas, European states would deem the continuation of Putin`s rule in Moscow intolerable and would be amenable to any actions Washington might propose, even  including all out war, in order to topple Putin and institute a government in Moscow subordinate to Western interests as viewed by Washington.

Moreover, such an outcome is clearly the objective of Washington`s gross provocation of Russia, first, in installing a Nazi-backed regime of mad-dog Russophobes in Kyiv, then by supporting and aiding the Kyiv junta in killing its own citizens in Eastern Ukraine, and then by falsely accusing Russia of complicity in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Fligh MH17, a crime almost certainly attributable to America`s Nazi puppets in Kyiv, most likely with advice and assistance by the large CIA contingent in Kyiv.

Now if Putin can be induced by US-EU sanctions to finally lose his cool and abruptly escalate the conflict with Europe by attacking the very basis of its economic existence, the American objective will be won. Europe will be galvanized to act in any way necessary, up to and including outright warfare, as Washington`s tool in destroying Russian independence. From this, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Paul Craig Roberts is either a man of remarkably poor judgement or he is phony dissident acting as an agent of Washington`s NeoCon imperialists.

There is, however, little chance that Putin will escalate the conflict by cutting Europe`s energy supply, which would be tantamount to an act of war, and one guaranteed to destroy for all time Russia`s credibility as reliable trade partner.

Rather, Russia has reacted, and will continue to react, to US and European sanctions by implementing proportionate retaliatory measures that will tend to strengthen Russia`s agricultural, financial and technology industries, without justifying escalation of the conflict.

This does not mean, however, that Russia will be able to avoid military action in Ukraine indefinitely. The criminal violence of the Kyiv regime directed at those in Eastern Ukraine with the temerity to seek a measure of autonomy has created a humanitarian catastrophe, to which Russia, unlike Canada, Australia and the EU states, will not turn a blind eye.

Apparently the US cannot wait for Russia to cut of the gas to Europe and is now urging its Nazi friends in Kyiv to cut the trans-Ukrainian gas lines, thereby delivering the deathblow to the EU economy, that Russia will not.

So how will Germany and the rest of the EU react. Will they, like a wounded snake, lash out wildly at the Russians as the US no doubt hopes and intends, or will they reconsider their attitude with their Nazi Ukrainian neighbor and their American occupiers.


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  1. A correspondent draws attention to this news report from July 21st: Canada to Expedite New Sanctions Against Russia.

    The article quotes External Affairs minister Baird thus:

    "While the latest round of sanctions against individuals and entities was under consideration prior to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 last week, Baird said the incident prompted him to expedite the preparation of broader industry sanctions.

    “All evidence indicates Russian-backed provocateurs in Ukraine” were behind the incident, Baird told reporters."

    Now, that all evidence indicating the responsibility of Russian-backed provocateurs in Ukraine has proved to be based on lies and fakery, Canada can enjoy the Russian push-back: a ban on more than half a billion dollars of Canadian pork exports to Russia.

    Which prompts my correspondent to ask:

    At what point do we stop these asshats from ruining all of the international goodwill our forbears so carefully cultivated?

    One point, I suppose, would be the next Federal election, in October 2015, although as neither opposition parties in the Federal Parliament seem in the slightest disagreement with the present government's pro-Ukrainian Nazi policies, it's difficult to see how the next election, whatever the outcome, will improve Canada's relations with Russia — assuming we're not in a full-scale war with Russia by then.