Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Coordinated Lies of the Presstitute Media

Economist Cover Image.
The Economist's current cover image (above) is captioned "Web of Lies". In its cover story, the Economist, asserts Putin's responsibility for the murder of 298 aboard Malaysia Airlines MH17. As Paul Craig Roberts, former Wall St. Journal Editor, Professor, Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury, etc., etc., observes: "The kind of reckless lies and transparent propaganda that comprises The Economist’s story has no other purpose than to drive the world to war."

But Britain's Rothschild directed Economist is not alone. The reckless lies and transparent propaganda is internationally coordinated. In the United States of Aggression both Time and NewSpeak, in Germany, Spiegel, in Canada Macleans, and in Portugal, a scrumbag rag called Veja, all have front covers accusing Putin of dangerous aggression, criminality or mass murder. That four of the six feature Putin in dark glasses is no coincidence.

Translation: STOP PUTIN NOW!

translation: Putin's guilt

Image source:
The Saker: coordinated Russophobia in the Presstitute Mainstream Media


The Daily Lede:
BREAKING: Russia’s FM Lavrov says Moscow has proposed the UNSC to adopt a resolution on the deployment of Russian peacekeepers to MH17 site

The horrors -- or should that be "whores"? -- of American journalism

Global Research:
Global Elite Agitating for War Against Russia

David Stockman:
On Dominoes, WMDs And Putin’s “Aggression”: Imperial Washington Is Intoxicated By Another Big Lie

US Lies About Malaysia Airlines MH-17 Served Their Purpose Well

The Saker:
‘Yukos judgment marks true divorce between Russia and the West’

Zero Hedge:
The Shocking Reason Putin Isn't Worried About The $50 Billion Yukos Ruling


  1. The evidence indicates that the Globalists are ALL IN playing a hand that obscures their own capability, and transfers the blame to another. But if their BLUFF is called, what will they do then? Putin can not capitulate, as that would be the end of Russia as it would be absorbed into the Globalist scheme for looting. We live in dangerous times.

    1. Putin cannot capitulate...

      One hopes that he does not, although the cost of refusal may be a third World war. However, the Western oligarchs are presumably hoping that their Russia's counterparts will either bribe or blackmail Putin to their will, or stab him in the back. Hence Britain's threatened sanctions on Russian oligarchs in London: Want to keep your stolen billions safely out of the reach of the Russian state? Then who of you will rid us of this Vladimir Putin.

  2. Authentic Ethnic ConvertJuly 29, 2014 at 3:01 PM

    Hey Can I responded to an old comment of yours at another blog and found your link back here;

    "I’ve nothing against brown, but I like the diversity of black, white, red, yellow and brown better. "

    We all have our preferences but you will not be able to stop people who want to mate from mating, particularly just because you might "like" looking at black and white or red and yellow more.

    "These human differences are the result of thousands of years of separate development, all to be destroyed in a couple of generations solely for the purpose, it seems, of confirming an idiot liberal elite in its sense of moral superiority."

    People have always mated across ethnicities and its not going to stop. My aesthetic tastes veer more toward certain mixes than others and toward certain mixes over certain non-mixes but by no means are people going to mate and reproduce according to the mix and matches I prefer to swoon over. They'll mate and reproduce according to their own preferences.

    1. It would have been better to leave your comment on the post to which you refer. But in any case, what you say is both contentious and ill-informed.

      Humanity is highly diverse because, contrary to what you say, for thousands of years, inter-racial mating has been impeded by barriers of class, caste, geography or politics.

      You seem to suggest that I am advocating a law against racial miscegenation, which is rubbish. I am advocating an end to the genocide of the European peoples by a combination of suppressed fertility via school and media indoctrination in the arts of non-reproductive sex combined mass immigration. This programme, which is the policy of the EU, amounts to a policy of national genocide, and is opposed by (in Britain) more than 80% percent of the indigenous population, and even a substantial majority of immigrants.

      But I understand that anti-democratic, globalist liberals are happy to destroy in a couple of generations ten thousand years of human differentiation for the benefit of a plutocratic elite that sees the racially and culturally distinct sovereign nation states as the chief impediment to its domination of the world.

  3. The people in the Ukrainian war zone have my sympathies, but the current critisim of Putin and Russia has little to do with what is going on there, horrible though it is. You will recall that the West was sticking pins into Putin long before the Ukrainian crisis started.

    The plain fact is that our security / intelligence apparatus needs a new enemy to justify their continued existance at the very high level of expenditures they currently incur. The "war on terror" excuse is not sufficient to justify their ongoing current abuses of innocent citizens such as myself; let alone the phenominal cost to the taxpayer. Besides they may also want to punish Russia for giving santuary to Snowden.

    Organizations like CSIS in Canada have been grossly abusing their power. As you know I have accused them of using Stasi-style tactics against myself and my wife for no honest reason. I recently made a submission under the "Access to Information Act" for any documentation CSIS has that relates to us. CSIS responded saying that they will neither confirm or deny that they have such documentation, but that if they they did have it (and I can PROVE THAT THEY DO) then it "could reasonable be expected" ... to "relate to the efforts of Canada towards detecting, preventing, or supressing subversive or hostile activities". Furthermore this was classified under the classification of individuals whose activities "are suspected of constituting threats to the security of Canada."

    This would be ludicrous if it wasn't so serious. It is absolutely bloody ridiculous, except that we have had to put up with an ongoing Stasi-style program of harassment, character assassination, intimidation and threats for 20 year. The "war on terror" is no longer enough to act as a cover for these types of abuses against innocent citizens, and this is why our out-of-control security / intelligence apparatus needs to resurect the cold war.