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Malaysia Airlines Loses a Second Boeing 777 — Over Ukraine War Zone

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 295 passengers has been downed by a missile in the vicinity of Donetsk, the central battle zone in the Ukraine civil war and the scene of both aerial bombardment by the Ukraine military and the recent downing of several Ukrainian military aircraft by missiles fired either by separatist or Russian forces.

The tragedy raises many questions including:

Why would Malaysia Airlines route one of its planes through an aerial battle zone? Why would Ukrainian authorities allow passenger aircraft in an aerial battle zone? And last but not least who and what downed the plane? Possible agents include:

(a) A bomb on board planted by either a lunatic, or Ukrainian or US agents intent on blaming Russia for the disaster, (b) Ukrainian separatist forces, who according to the Saker, recently took possession of a Ukrainian base where they would have gained control of Buk missile systems capable of intercepting an airliner at cruising altitude, (c) a missile fired by Ukrainian ground forces behaving "errantly" as in the case of the 2001 downing of Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 on route from Jerusalem to Novosibirsk, (d) an air-to-air missile fired by a Ukrainian or Russian, or ??? airforce plane, (e) a missile fired by Russian ground forces despite their have no sane reason for such action and possessing what the Saker describes as "a well-integrated air multi-layered defense system which should have immediately identified the aircraft origin and ID even if, say, the transponder was malfunctioning."

Needless to say, both sides in the Ukrainian civil war deny responsibility.

Michael Rivero confirms that Ukraine forces are equipped with the Buk missile system, for which Ukraine markets an enhanced radar system, and suggests that "Kiev shot the 777 down to try to pin blame on the Russians, then when the wreckage fell short of the border, on the independence fighters in Eastern Ukraine."

Meantime, Britain's Daily Express simply declares: Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane 'shot down by Russians'. Oh well, then, without further ado, let us get on with the war against Russia. But wait a minute: see there's quotes around "shot down by Russians". But if you read the story, no specific source is mentioned. the article merely states:
The news agency claimed that the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane was shot down by Russian authorities but that has yet to be confirmed.
"The news agency" is nowhere identified.

More usefully, the Expressy inform readers:
Russian state media reported that the country's defence ministry had labelled accusations they shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 as "absurd".
Moreover, as Michael Rivero points out, the allegation of Russian responsibility is highly implausible. The plane was deep inside Ukrainian territory (40 km according to some reports) and thus, even if the plane had been a legitimate military target, the attack would have represented a massive escalation of Russian intervention in the Ukraine civil war at a time when the separatist forces in Ukraine are giving the Ukrainian military a beating.


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US and Ukrainian officials said they believed the plane had been brought down by a missile – a Buk thought to have been used by the rebels in Ukraine before.

The separatists were said to have seized the Buk after overrunning a Ukrainian military base.

However, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Vitaliy Yarema has cast doubt on this, telling local media on Friday: “The military told the president after the passenger plane had been shot down that the terrorists did not possess our Buk missile systems.”
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Yonatan said...
If it was MH17 that was shot down over Torez, it was 200 km north of its published route. It doesn't fly over the eastern land border between Ukraine and Russia. it crosses the crosses the Ukrainian coast at Berdyansk to fly over the Sea of Azov towards Primorsko-Akhtarsk.

What time was it allegedly shot down? How come it disappeared from trackers in west Ukraine and and appears to have traveled about 1000 km into eastern Ukraine some 200 km off route without being challenged by Ukrainian authorities?

Hmmm very odd, in the time taken to send my earlier message and to compose this update, FlightAware's data has been updated to show the aircraft in East Ukraine. Fortunately I have earlier screenshots of both before and after FlightAware data.

A new data entry for 2:19 puts it at 48.1N 38.5E roughly around Donestk / Torez. There is no data for the intervening hour. Why was it so far off route? What was the reason for the lack of tracking data? All the earlier MH17 flights I have checked route even further south.

Something's fishier than a barrel full of rotting fish.
Anonymous said:
You can see the flight path of MAS17 here

It is interesting to compare todays flight path with MAS17's flight path from yesterday which can be viewed here Also compare with the KLM flights between the same airports.

Todays flight path has MAS17 flying much further North directly over the war zone.

Since Kiev knows that the miltia has a BUK system, common sense should have told the air traffic controllers to keep all civilian traffic well away.
Serendipity said:
Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 Flight MH370 (which was perhaps electronically hijacked) "disappeared" on March 8, 2014, and (according to the MSM) crashed into the southern Indian Ocean without trace. Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 Flight MH17 was electronically hijacked soon after entering Ukrainian airspace and made to disappear. The Boeing 777 formerly known as MH370 now suddenly reappears over S.E.Ukraine, having been put there by the same folks that hijacked MH370. This plane is now shot down, most likely by an air-to-air missile fired by agents of some country (not Russia) which has the ability to do this. The MSM claims that 200+ innocent souls were thus killed, and this is blamed either on the separatists or on Russia (though the people on MH17 did not die because the plane that was shot down was not MH17 but rather the Boeing 777 formerly known as MH370). The false flag operation is then used to support political or military purposes targeting Russia, which we shall soon be hearing more about. ...
Anonymous said:
Only two days back, Snowden revealed GCHQ ability and willingness to use the same psy-op tricks that the British used during WW2 when they regularly took over the Nazi airwaves, and broadcast seemingly genuine Nazi programming.

Today, one must assume that ALL posts on the Internet seemingly linked the resistance of Novorussia to the shooting down of the civilian plane have been placed there by GCHQ agents. This includes seeming statements of 'guilt' from named resistance leaders. GCHQ literally has the capability to take over any internet resource, and replace it with what appears to be genuine content.

As was pointed out be an earlier commentator, the training needed to operate a state-of-the-art Russian air defence system is startlingly extensive. And IF one had the training, it is child's play to use the radar information to distinguish between different types of aircraft.

GCHQ agents will be placing words into the mouths of all the main actors- remember how at the time of '9/11', Bin Laden issued videos (that the mainstream media refused to air) categorically denying his involvement in the false flag, but when the Americans invaded Afghanistan, they claimed to have 'found' a video showing (a clearly fake) Bin Laden claiming responsibility- and this video was aired endlessly by the mainstream media.

Ukraine has not been destabilised to create a minor embarrassment for Russia on its very borders. Like the false flag of 9/11, Ukraine is crafted to enable a series of very significant military actions by the US war machine in its wake. One goal is to utterly destroy the centralise power structure of Russia itself- and the means to be used extend far beyond traditional warfare.

Stage one is to leave Russia battered, bruised and utterly confused. Britain is the master of inflicting such harm without having to fire a single bullet.

Be very, very reluctant to take anything at face value, no matter where you read it on the 'Internet'. And never forget, as the universal programs to infiltrate British police undercover into every protest group in the UK proved, naive activists, no matter how well intentioned, can be manipulated with ease by the monsters.

Since the shooting down of this plane is a gift to the Americans if enough sheeple believe Russians are to blame, the likelihood of this being a false-flag is almost 100%.
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