Friday, July 18, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17: Setting Up the Russians

Poop Murdoch's Sun fingers the culprit. Putin
done it. Er, well, we ain't actually got no proof.
But Sun readers aren't deep thinkers, so putting
Putin's name next to the word  missile should
nail it for most of them.
Originally, the title of this post ended with an interrogation mark. On reviewing some of the public statements about, and media coverage on, the MH-17 crash, however, I realized that the interrogation mark was unjustified. So far as the majority of the public are concerned, the question of responsibility for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 can no longer be an open question. Responsibility has been firmly pinned on Russia by the leadership of the "Free World" (LOL), i.e., Bollocks, Piss-Prize-winner, Obama (here, after 1 min and 16 seconds) and Hilarious, We came, We saw, Gaddafi died, Klingon (here), not to mention Poop Murdoch's Wall Street Journal, the British Buggering Children Co., etc.

White House Communications
Consultant, Dr. Joseph Goebbels.
As the White House communications guru Herr Joseph Goebbels said:
He who says it first is right.
Or as the Saker puts it well:
I think that any analysis of the events surrounding the downing of MH17 should begin with the following admission: no matter what, the AngloZionists will blame Russia.  Just like 9/11, there is no way, no amount of evidence, which would affect the unanimous chorus of Imperial doubleplusgoodthinkers in their conclusion that obviously it could only have been "the Russians". So don't expect to come across The Proof which will prove that the Empire is lying because if 9/11 proved anything it is that even hard, undeniable truth can be easily ignored by the elites and their media.
For the empire, I guess that's the problem you've gotta face when you constantly cry wolf, or rather terrorist, Commie Russians, we must destroy the American Constitution to save it and give up freedom for liberty, etc., etc.

In any case, now the brainwash has been administered, look forward to the next round of sanctions, smears, NATO support for the Kyiv Nazis, more anti-Russian hate speech from Stephen Harper, etc. as the long, tortuous, but relentless vilification and attempted destruction of Russia as  a sovereign nation state proceeds.

It'll be interesting, though, to see how this works out in Germany. The Germans, who have been occupied and shamed for more than 70 years for their wicked Nazi past, notwithstanding that 90 percent of the German population had not been conceived when Nazism was defeated in Germany, are now expected to back a Nazi regime in Ukraine against Russia, the nation that lost 12 million citizens in the war to defeat Nazism. So will the Germans discover that, despite everything, they are still Nazis at heart, or will they decide they've been screwed around by the United States of Aggression long enough?

Meantime, the New York Times reports: "World Leaders Match Anger With Calls for Inquiry Into Ukraine Plane Crash." Wow, who'd have thunk it, calling for an inquiry. Most seem to have made up their mind who to blame already, although Angela Merkel managed to confine her remarks, angry or otherwise, to the distinctly tentative assertion that there were “many indications” that the Malaysian airliner “was shot down.” LOL.



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There you go then. Better to launch the Third World War than strain your brain concerning the actual facts that everyone from Hillary Klingon to Bollock Obama is attempting to obscure, distort or fabricate.
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Who cares about those people. They're just pro-Russian, federalist terrorists. Bugger them.
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