Tuesday, July 8, 2014

America's Genocidal War on Russians in Ukraine

An article in The National Interest: by Professor Nicolai Petro asserts that there are six mistakes the West has made (and continues to make) in Ukraine.

Specifically, the article asserts that western (read US) policy in Ukraine is based on six misconceptions:

(1) That The Ukrainians are one people, united in their support of change;

(2) That intervention to ensure the success of the NeoNazi junta was supported by the majority of the Ukrainian population;

(3) That the contemptuous refusal by the revolutionary government of Ukraine to adhere to the February 21 agreement with France, Germany and Poland concerning the transition of power, would not destroy the legitimacy of the Ukrainian state;

(4) That it was possible to deny the massive and obvious role of Nazis and US stooges in the US approved revolutionary government;

(5) That tolerating the genocidal intentions of the Nazi junta toward the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine would somehow legitimate the Kyiv junta;

(6) That Russia could be blamed for for the division between East and West Ukraine.

With reference to Point 6, the author comments:
Russia’s primary objective in Ukraine has actually been to reduce the level of domestic instability. ... Russia would very much like to see Ukraine as a stable economic and political partner, able to provide enough growth and jobs to its own citizens to reduce the annual flow of more than 3 million Ukrainian migrant workers into Russia, and thus contribute to the prosperity of the 11 million Russians who live along the border with Ukraine. Having already spent as much as 300 billion dollars over the past two decades to prevent the collapse of the Ukrainian economy, it hardly seems likely that Russia now seeks its economic demise. It most certainly does not want to spend the tens of billions of dollars it would take to absorb these regions, and raise their standard of living up to that of Russia.
Further,the author observes:
Russia is not the USSR. In an odd historical twist, in the current crisis, [Russia]defending the rights of local populations to be heard by their government, whereas the West is defending the removal of a legitimately elected president. Significantly, all this is taking place in an area of the world that retains strong sympathies for Russia.
But such a supposedly bizarre reversal of roles between the freedom-loving West and the tyrannical Ruskies is not bizarre in the least. The US has assumed the role of the global hegemon in which capacity it is intent on the genocide of every nation state, the only unit of political organization with the potential to resist the plutocratic global system of control exercised through pseudo-democratic structures, known collectively as the New World Order.

The Nazis in Kyiv may imagine they can create a racially pure Ukraine from the remnants of Russian empire of which that country is composed, but Ukraine's incorporation in the EU will insure the mongrelization of Ukraine's population through mass population movement: both the exit of Ukraine's best and brightest to the imperial centres of wealth and power in England, France, and Germany and the uncontrolled immigration of millions from the rest of the EU including millions from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Having identified Washington's six "mistakes" the author argues the need for the West (read US) to adopt "a radically different strategy toward Russia — one of cooperation rather than confrontation in the pursuit of a strong and independent Ukraine.

But there, of course, it is the author who is sadly mistaken, for Washington's six mistakes are not mistakes at all but deliberate and brutal provocations intended to incite a Russian reaction that, in turn, would justify measures of ever-increasing harshness against Russia, not excluding sabotage and direct NATO military action. For Russia, today, is the world's last best hope for the continued existence of the nation state, where indigenous language, culture and racial distinctions can survive the universal genocide unleashed upon the World, including the United States itself, by the Neo-Cons that dominate both the Democratic and the Republican parties in the US and control the puppet leadership of Western Europe.


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