Saturday, March 15, 2014

Message from the Mainstream: Putin Must Be Paranoid, He Thinks Nazi-NATO Threatens Russia

When the US Deputy Secretary of State, Vicky Nuland, boasts that the US spent $5 billion to subvert the Government of Ukraine;

When the Government installed by violence in Kiev is openly Hitlerite;

When the acting head of the Coup in Ukraine, Arse Yatsenyuk, boasts of his partnership with (i.e., funding from) Chatham House (the public face of the Rhodes–Milner secret society for global governance), NATO, and the US State Department;

When the Western media openly discuss the need to extend the New World Order, aka American global hegemony, Eastward across Eurasia;

When Obama publicly insults Putin over Russia's supposedly anti-gay law, a law passed unanimously by the Russian Parliament to prohibit sexual propaganda directed at juveniles (a law similar in intent to that of eight US States);

When US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, discusses "disturbing" trends in Russia with blasphemous members of the decadent Russian punk band, Pussy Riot (prompting Moscow's U.N. envoy to ask if she was joining the group);

When the US has placed ballistic missiles in Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic, all aimed at Russia;

When the US Navy is conducting exercises in the Black Sea;

Then for Putin to act as though Russia is under some sort of threat, is obviously proof of Paranoia. So, at least, the MSM believe they can convince their brain-dead readership.

Clever, really. Since the US/NATO position is complete BS, calling Putin insane saves having to argue an impossible case.


  1. Spot on and thanks. You really couldn't make all this up. It is an impossible case to argue by US/EU/NATO. A resort to insults usually indicates that the argument is lost of course. Most sensible people realise this......

    Clearly the braindead don't realise, but they don't think for themselves either, so they are beyond help really. Just console yourself with the thought that they are irrelevant too. You've already demolished the relevance of "democracy" in previous posts I think.....

    Our so called "leaders" in the so called "west" are utterly shameless. Saying one thing and doing the opposite is second nature to them. Putin seems to be a real statesman in comparison, and he holds a few strong cards. Lets hope that he plays them wisely.....

    Meanwhile please keep on exposing the BS

    1. Thanks. I find my own position peculiar, really. I'm basically a patriot. I don't like being at odds with my own side. But how can one support a Western alliance that has abandoned all integrity, decency, honour, and respect for the intelligence of its own people?

  2. Didn't Samuel Johnson say that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel? Ha ha. I'm not accusing you of being a scoundrel BTW, far from it you do some great work, just wondering about patriotism.....

    I don't see myself on any side TBH. I prefer to go with morality and truth. And yes that must include integrity, decency, honour, and respect too. The western money power, that wants to dominate every human being on the planet, certainly doesn't feature these qualities very often. They have a long and dark history of the opposite in fact....

    1. Patriotism has many manifestations, I suppose. Ultimately, though, it is about self-preservation, one's own and of one's own nation. It is in that sense that I find it troubling to be in opposition to my own side. Moral objections are fine, but survival is, if not finer, at least preferable to most people.

      But a global system that depends on a pseudo-democracy of lies intent on creating a caste system of plutocrats, technicians and the dumb masses to be bred, culled, brainwashed and exploited as so many slaves has no charm for me.