Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston Bombing Update April 26, 2013 The FBI/Mainstream Narrative Falls Apart?

Council of Conservatives: Hundreds of Boston residents terrorized at gun point

Jon Rappoport: Consensus shredded; major media up against the wall

Jon Rappoport: Ministry of Truth makes Boston bombing suspect disappear

MemoryHole Blog: The Unlikely Antics of Boston’s “Cowboy Hero”

Global Research: Boston Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev Reported Killed, Was Alive When Detained: Tamerlan’s Aunt
The US should have done what Insane John McCain said at the outset, which is to say, declare the "suspects" (patisies, stooges, whatever) enemy combatants and send them to Guantanamo, out of sight, out of mind until they've been waterboarded enough to say whatever the FBI wants them to say, once that is, the FBI have decided what they should say to cover up all the lies the FBI have already been caught in over this case.

Aangirfan: The Boston Bomber and Fake British Terrorism

Global Research: The Boston Bombing Web of Lies

This Can't Be Happening: Why Such Secrecy about the Military Contractor’s Men Working the Boston Marathon?

Yahoo News: Biden: Bombing suspects ‘perverted, cowardly, knockoff jihadis’

There's your verdict. No need for a trial, judges, witnesses, evidence, and all that crap. Good 'ol Joe knows a cowardly pervert when he sees one. I guess he's been surrounded by them for quite a while now.

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