Thursday, March 21, 2013

Those BBC Bastards Pissed On My Church

The BBC, is a haven not only for terrorists, child molesters and rapists, but is also big on blasphemy, in which connection, Archbishop Cranmer draws our attention to a recent and contemptible assault by Britain's state broadcaster on England's national church. In a televised skit, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is mocked as an unbelieving trendy fool who tells us, among other things, that prayer doesn't work and that Jesus prefers the word "shag" to "fuck."

Typically, the cowardly scoundrels and liars at the BBC, facing widespread condemnation, promptly deleted the video from their own Web site and have had it taken down at U-Tube. But the damage will have been done. Millions saw the insult to the established church and the ridicule directed at both believers and Christ, but few indeed will be aware of the gutless way in which the BBC concealed the evidence of its vile action as soon as signs of a backlash were detected.

Henry VIII. You say those BBC bastards
pissed on my Church?
As Archbishop Cranmer well knows, his old boss, King Henry VIII, who founded the Catholic Church of England, would have known what to do with those responsible for this outrage: the BBC Director General, Tony Hall—the third Director General in about as many weeks, as one scandal overtakes another—the program producers, and the actor Rowan Atkinson. Old Harry would have had their guts for garters or, to be more specific, he'd have had them hanged, drawn, and quartered. One can only think it is a pity old Henry Eight is not still around to wield some stick.

But, in fact, the scum at the BBC would be better hanged for treason than blasphemy, for their attack on the Anglican Church is primarily an attack not on religion, but on one of the institutions of the English nation, undertaken as part of the genocidal assault on the nation state by a puppet government of the New World Order. Henry VIII would no doubt have agreed. He was into building a nation, not tearing one down.

Let's hope all Anglicans will take a stand against blasphemy and refuse to pay the BBC license fee.

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