Sunday, February 3, 2013

Peter Hitchens Trashes Britain's New Generation of War Criminals

It has sometimes crossed my mind to wonder, is it just me?, or does it seem to any thoughtful person that now and for the last several decades Britain's leadership has comprised individuals of remarkable personal insignificance whose incompetence, cupidity and subservience to the plutocratic and American imperial interests can have nothing but disastrous consequences for the people of the country they lead.

First, there was John, Very-Nice, Mr. Major, then the marvelous People's Tony Blair, followed by today's precious duo of Cameron, the PR operative ever ready to fly to Washington or Moscow to have a word on behalf of BP with Obama or Putin, and Cameron's suavely inane deputy Clegg faced by an opposition leader, the son of an illegal immigrant, who advocates the cultural and racial genocide of the English though mass immigration.

Well, evidently it is not just me. In this splendid rant, Peter Hitchens demolishes the present crop of war criminals and idiots posing as the national leadership of Great Britain, the men chiefly responsible for what he describes as "the cesspool we have made out of our country."

We need a Commons rebellion: not a stupid war in Timbuktu

Peter Hitchens' Mail on Sunday column, February 3, 2013: MALI CONFLICTThis is why I despise almost all Members of Parliament: our Prime Minister is taking us into yet another stupid war, and most MPs do not even care. Where is the rebellion? Where is the Opposition? Where are the demands for an emergency debate in which our motives and reasons for this latest nonsense are examined, torn to pieces and flung on the floor?

There is no case at all for Britain to send soldiers to Mali, or any other part of North Africa. We have no interest there, never will have and never have had. If we truly fear terrorism so much, then this adventure is doubly moronic.

It will give terrorists a pretext to attack our country that they did not have before. Like the Afghan war, it will also allow terrorists to kill us without needing to travel here. We will send our servicemen there, where the terrorists can more easily shoot them or blow them up.

If, three or four years hence, British soldiers are returning from North Africa in coffins, the empty-headed cretins of our political class will place their hands reverently upon their chests and burble solemn tributes, as they do now when the dead come back from our equally futile mission in Afghanistan.

Much less is said about the far larger numbers of terribly wounded young men, each of them worth 10,000 MPs, who will remain maimed or disfigured or both, long after those responsible are drawing plump pensions or being applauded by American matrons on the lucrative lecture circuit.

How is it that people who know so little, and who are so incapable of learning anything from experience, dominate both politics and the higher levels of political journalism? In the past two years we have cheered on the installation of an Egyptian president who said in September 2010 that Israelis are descended from apes and pigs, and created a lawless, failed state in Libya so chaotic that we have to urge our own citizens to run from Benghazi for their lives. But you would barely know these things from either Parliament or the heavyweight media.

It is not just that the Premier and his senior advisers plainly know no history. They seem also to have been asleep during the Blair years, when crude propaganda and cruder lies drove an expedition so foolish that those responsible should be so ashamed that they never show their faces in public again. Then there is Comrade ‘Doctor’ ‘Lord’ John Reid, the unrepentant former communist who gets hoity-toity when reminded that he sent British troops into deadly danger in Afghanistan while piously hoping that ‘we would be perfectly happy to leave in three years’ time without firing one shot’.

Remember that piece of naive drivel when you examine our current Premier’s sudden transformation into the Warlord of the Maghreb, which began with promises of no boots on the ground and continued with an almost instant breach of that promise.

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