Thursday, January 24, 2013

One of the Many Reasons Barak Obama Doesn't Need to Carry a Gun

Cadillac One, The Presidential limousine

Weight: 6.35 tons.

Amour plated with steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic.

Five-inch thick glass.

Hermetically sealed to secure it from chemical attack and provided with its own oxygen supply.

The armour plated doors are eight-inches thicks.

The underside is reinforced with a Kevlar mat to protect Caddy One from bomb attacks.

The fuel tank is leak proof and filled with special foam that prevents it from exploding, even in a direct hit.

There are holes in the front bumper that can emit tear gas and fire smoke grenades.

There is an infrared video system for the driver to drive through smoke and night vision cameras for driving in darkness without lights.
There is a firefighting system located in the trunk together with a supply of the president’s blood. An ambulance follows close behind.

Defense systems include a pump-action shotgun in a compartment beside the driver.

The tires are reinforced with Kevlar and can run when flat. If the tires are missing, the steel rims have been designed to allow the car to keep on driving at speed.

Powerful people are different from you and me. They have more security. 


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