Wednesday, November 14, 2012

State-Controlled Fake Fascists Seek to Exploit "Tram Rant Lady," Emma West?

Croydon, 40% ethnic population, the night of the London riots.
Pretty certainly the British National Party and all the other Fascist anti-immigrant parties in Britain are infiltrated, and effectively controlled by, the British Security services, the better to make opposition to the genocide of the English appear indistinguishable from vile racism.

To this end, surely, is ex-BNP Richard Edmonds standing as the National Front candidate in the upcoming by-election in Croydon North, the home of "Tram Rant Lady" Emma West.

Emma West, as many will know, was jailed without trial for several days, and almost a year later still faces trial, for the crime of stating, while on a tram, that other passengers were "not English." This was certainly ill-mannered and possible an infringement of the political correctness laws which are based on a contempt for the old English saying: "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me," but it caused no riot and resulted in no real harm to anyone except Emma West.

As a result of the furor generated by the politically correct media, over 14 million people viewed the cell-phone video of Emma West's allegedly racist statement, many of them English residents of the working class districts now inundated by immigrants. Although a number of viewers threatened violence or murder against Emma West, a matter of no interest to the police authorities, many others and probably a vast if silent majority, sympathized with Emma West's complaint; namely, that the national policy of mass immigration imposed on the British by both Labor and Conservative governments since the time of Edward amounts to a policy of ethnic cleansing of the native people of Emma West's home town and many other large in dustrial towns and cities in both England and Wales.

The challenge for the liberal-left elite in Britain -- headed in the case of all three major parties by leaders with greater apparent loyalty to a mono-ethnic Israel (for example, and this and this) than to England -- is how to quell the murmur of dissent  that Emma West's remarks have evoked. What better idea, then, than to have the National Front kick up a ruckus during the Croyden by-election, taunting the ethnic vote, which at 40% will undoubtedly assure a New Labor another massive victory, thereby confirming the vileness of those who oppose the genocide of the English. In the process, Emma West will be thoroughly smeared by implication.

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