Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Apologies Here


It seems common among bloggers to apologize for any interruption in the regular supply of fresh bloggage, to coin a term.

Well you'll receive no such apologies here. For one thing, for me to assume that the World needs to know my opinion on the non-stop succession of wars, frauds, indecencies and absurdities that make up our daily diet of news would be a clear sign of insanity -- a thought which raises the interesting question of whether most bloggers are, indeed, seriously unhinged.

And second of all, as some folks like to say, no one's paying to read this priceless verbiage, so what obligation can there be to produce it? None obviously, which means that apologies for light blogging merely reflect a fear of losing bloggees, to coin another term, that is to say fear of the injury to pride as page hits sputter to a mere trickle of those who got here only by the merest accident.


Also, having been condemned for doing so, I vigorously assert a complete lack of shame, guilt or inclination to apologise for providing links to certain other Web sites whatever views may be expressed there, and I do so with the full backing of the Supreme Court of Canada which has ruled that:
Making reference to the existence and/or location of content by hyperlink or otherwise, without more, is not publication of that content.
And in fact, if one were to take a look at the lower right-hand side of this page, they would find links to a bizarrely diverse collection of sites, some though not all, places where opinions expressed strike me as more or less totally nuts. And, in general, the nuttier a site, the more I like it, which reminds me to add a link to the site of former UK Ambassador, former Liberal-Democrat and presently Scotch Nationalist, Craig Murray, where my comments are not infrequently moderated out.

So that's it for now, and I'll be back when I feel like it, no sooner.

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