Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At the Beach

For some perverse reason, I talk to you every day. Nobody pays me to write this pathetic blog. There’s no advertising or revenue stream from the site. In fact, it costs a bundle just to have it hosted on servers with giant dogs surrounding them. Yeah, occasionally somebody throws me twenty bucks to buy a book, but nobody in Canada survives as an author. Garth Turner

When this blog was launched in March, I thought maybe I could get 100 page views a day.

On Sunday, Canspeccy had 541 page views.


Now if I can double that, square it and multiply by two, I'll have a real big blog.

Trouble is, just as momentum builds, I can't think what to say next!

And I notice that the big blogs, Mish, the Slog, Aangirfan, among those I am familiar with, are remarkably diligent, often making multiple substantial posts daily.

Well, Canspeccy will have to remain a little blog because tomorrow I am going to the beach!

After that, I hope to find renewed inspiration, hopefully with a serious attempt at explaining why it is that Carroll Quigley, a brilliant historical analyst and one of America's greatest scholars, is scarcely ever read and, if mentioned, is almost always demeaned by association with nutty conspiracy theorists, for whom he would have had no time whatever.

Be back Friday.


  1. Have fun and enjoy your break! you deserve it. Canspeccy is a wonderful resource. Thanks so much for all you've done!

  2. Enjoy the beach.

    - Aangirfan

  3. Thank you. It's nice here in Victoria today. Twenty-four degrees C and blue sky. It may be difficult getting back before the weather breaks!