Sunday, May 1, 2011

Election Day: Don't Vote. It Only Encourages Them

A vote for the Tories is a vote for:
The abolition of Canada;

American law enforcement agents on Canadian soil;

A choice of X-irradiation or sexual assault at every Canadian airport;

A role for Canadian forces in every globalist war on the face of the Earth.
 A vote for the NDP is a vote to rob Peter to buy Paul's vote. Here's what Jack promises "We'll do" in a flier delivered to my door today:
Hire more doctors and nurses. LOL. The Feds don't hire any doctors or nurses;

Start training more doctors. LOL. The Feds don't train any doctors.

Work with the Provinces to "double you're public pension." LOL. Just one of the ways in which the NDiPs will impose crippling debt and taxes on your kids;

Kick-start job creation with a two percentage point tax cut for small business. Two percent? LOL;

Fix Ottawa for good. We'll stop the scandals. What close the bawdy houses? LOL.
A vote for the Liberals is a vote for a weather vane, an ethics professor with no moral courage:
A man who condemned the bombing of civilian targets in Lebanon as a war crime, only to reverse himself at a hint of Zionist retribution;

A a man who supported the Iraq war while he lived amidst the Zionist warmongers and NeoCons at Harvard, and then changed his mind when the chance arose to lead the Liberal Party of Canada.
As for the Greens, they're a bunch of economic illiterates and trouble makers. In fact, they're nothing more than a religious cult: crazed puritans in disguise.

Our best hope is that the Liberals do so badly that they bring back Jean Chr├ętien, a man who had the balls to remind George W. Bush that Canada is a sovereign nation -- a man who was perhaps the best conservative Prime Minister Canada ever had.


  1. Canadians should be up in arm and fire all those corrupt bastards out of their government. Harber is a zionists' puppet. He should be fired first.

    Talk alone won't make shit nor change to their corruption.

    FIRE tham all!!!!

  2. "FIRE tham all!!!! "

    Sure. But how?

    Vote one lot of bastards out, you get another lot of bastards in!