Monday, May 30, 2011

Egypt in Free Fall

By Aangirfan

Egypt by Desertman

On 27 May 2011, the New York Times has an article entitled: Egypt’s Next Crisis

In this article we read about a political meeting, in the town of Kafr Shukr, where a chicken farmer named Ayman Dahroug declares:

"The truth is, there are no leaders in Kafr Shukr anymore.

"It’s only the Muslim Brotherhood that works here now.

"They are in Kafr Shukr every day."

The Muslim Brotherhood buy imported meat at a discount and sell it to the poor in the town.

Cairo 1880
According to the New York Times article:

"Egypt is in the agony of self-discovery...

"Other Arab revolutions founder or lapse into civil wars...

"(In Egypt) workers are striking throughout the country...

"Many ... warn of a possible takeover by Islamists, who could assume power through the ballot box only to impose an Iran-style theocracy.

"These fears are not groundless; there are certainly people, in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world, who do not want to see a popular revolution succeed...

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