Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unites States of Assassination: Can't Get bin Laden Kill Story Straight

Bin Laden was captured alive and then executed, 'claims daughter, 12'

Osama Bin Laden's daughter has claimed he was captured alive in his Pakistani hideout and then shot by U.S. special forces, it was reported today.

Arabic news network Al-Arabiya quoted 'senior Pakistani security officials' who said the 12-year-old saw her father executed and his body dragged to a helicopter.

A Pakistani official rejected U.S. accounts of a bloody firefight, saying: 'Not a single bullet was fired from the compound at the U.S. forces and their choppers. Their chopper developed some technical fault and crashed and the wreckage was left on the spot.' ...

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FBI says, it has “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”

By Garance Franke-Ruta  
The Atlantic May 3 201

 The White House Tuesday blamed "the fog of war" for conflicting statements in its recounting of the events surrounding the Abbottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden, but the history of misstatements from U.S. government officials about various combat operations raises questions about whether briefers also were subjecting us to a counterterrorism strategy and not just completely confused in their initial statements.
Consider the narrative put forward by John Brennan ...

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The White House Can't Get Its Bin Laden Story Straight


Bin Laden killed by masked men speaking fluent Pashtu

By Peter Osborne
The Telegraph 03 May, 2011

...Many I spoke to believed that the feared ISI – the intelligence arm of the Pakistan state – must have known that the Khans’ safe house, scarcely a kilometre from the Pakistan military academy, harboured the world’s most wanted man. In the end bin Laden may have been turned in by his captors in a grand bargain between America and Pakistan.

Mohammed Qasim, the farmer’s boy, was caught up in the momentous events that led to bin Laden’s death in the early hours of Sunday. He said that one of the US special forces helicopters landed in the field just behind his house. Masked men emerged — Qasim said they spoke fluent Pashtu.

He heard them smash their way into the Khans’ fortress, followed by the cries of alarm from women and children. Twenty minutes later, he heard the helicopters depart, bearing with them all of the reclusive Khan family, and the body of bin Laden. ...

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It was Pak forces who attacked compound at Abbotabad


How the US Blew An Earlier Chance to Get Their Hands on OBL, America's Most Wanted

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