Thursday, May 26, 2011

9/11 Crime Scene Evidence Was Destroyed - Firefighters For 9/11 Truth


  1. 911 attacks were done by MOSSAD, everyone has known it. Even they themselves have publicly admitted on video tapes, "We decided to PULL it", said Lucky Larry Silverstein_ the new owner of the 3 PULLED-down New York towers.

    More than 3000 New Yorkers were jumping to their deaths, blown into pieces, or buried alive beneath the heaps of those 3 NY towers. The survivors of these 3000 innocent victims have betrayed their murdered loved ones. They have known the culprits who killed their loved ones, and they have deliberately looked other way and let Larry Silverstein and other zionists to walk free from their crimes.

    and they have called themselves Americans?

    Shame on you those have betrayed the deaths of their loved ones.

  2. Anon says 911 was "done by MOSSAD" and everyone knows it.

    But I don't know it.

    Anon mentions Larry Silverstein. Larry Silverstein may be a Jew, but that does not make him part of MOSSAD and it is not clear that he had any role in the attacks of 9/11.

    The main reason for believing that 9/11 was an false flag is that the US Government undertook no forensic or judicial investigation of what occurred. That suggests culpability of the US Government, not of a foreign intelligence agency.

    I would not rule out, as a theoretical possibility, a role of Mossad in 9/11, but I do not believe that Mossad would undertake a murderous attack on the United States without full complicity of the United State Government.

  3. How could the 5 MOSSAD agents know jet crash was an attack? Why most Jews, if not all, did not come to work in the NY towers on 9/11/2001?

    Just few minutes after the first jet crashed, they had been caught taking videos, pictures, and high-five dancing celebrating the attack on the opposite side of the NY river. Why their confiscated videos and pictures have never been released or published? How could the owner of American Moving company, a MOSSAD front, fly out of the states when everything was locked down?

    If Israel and MOSSAD had not done 911 attacks, why all Jew-controlled media networks have been working to cover up 911 lies?

    Why have Jews fervently defended Bush's pancake theory?

    Unless you were braindead or Israel's sycophants, you should have figured out the truth of 911 attacks?

    Are you a braindead or are you a sycophant?

  4. You are jumping to conclusions and talking hysterically.

    Think about it a bit.

    Why did Dick Cheney order that the plane headed for the Pentagon on 9/11 not be intercepted?

    Why would Bush not testify publicly or under oath before the 9/11 Commission?

    Why did US Government representatives lie in their testimony before the 9/11 Commission?

    Why did Bush not order a forensic and judicial inquiry following 9/11?

    Why did the US Government destroy evidence that would have been central to a forensic investigation?

    To insist that Israel or the Mossad did 9/11 makes no sense.

    However, it is the case that Israeli interests have great influence in the US.

    Vice-President Biden is a self-declared Zionist. Obama has been described as the first Jewish President. Aipac has great influence over who gets elected to Congress. Two-thirds of America's 100 wealthiest citizens are Jews and most of those extremely rich Jews are Zionists.

    So, yes, American government actions including those in collaboration with foreign intelligence agencies are largely subject to control by Zionists.

    But the state of Israel and its agencies do not trump the power of the American Government.

    Israel influences the actions of the United States Government only through legal and legitimate channels.

    So, yes, Mossad may have had a role in 9/11. But if so, it was with full US support and approval. That there was such collaboration on 9/11 seems likely. Israel provides convenient offshore base for unconstitutional and criminal actions by the US Government.

    The problem for the citizens of the United States is that their country's politics are largely dictated by a tiny, but very powerful, minority of Zionists, both Jewish and non-Jewish, whose thinking reflects the interests of a small foreign country of no importance to the people of the United States.

  5. How naive (or stupid) are you?

    There is no such thing as the US government. The whole system is a fraud, fake entity. For the past 50 years, Jews have been the ones running the so-called US government. Most of those politicians are either Israeli-Firsters or puppets installed into public places to serve Israel. Only Israel-firsters or Israel's lapdogs are allowed to "serve". Keep this simple and obvious fact in your naive mind.

    Bush was put into the White House to fulfill Kissinger's plan, via an outright cheated election. 911 attacks had been planned years in advance (Guess who'd done the plannings). Bush was the total puppet to rubberstamp Kissinger's plan. Bush was chosen because he is a certifiable stupid (or braindead).

    Who has total control of FBI?
    Who has total control of CIA?
    Who has total control of US banking?
    Who has total control over ABCNNBCBSPPS?

    Why Jews' controlled media have been helping Bush to cover his crimes?
    If Jews had not done 911, Bush's and Cheney's crimes would have been published and broadcasted in evening news on 9/11/2001.

    Without bombs, the 3 NY towers would have never been completely destroyed even if those buildings, each, were kamikazeed by 10 Boing 747 on 9/11/2001. There would be nothing, but bombs, to destroy those building support center columns.

  6. Your contention that "There is no such thing as the US government" does not seem sane.

    Rants such as yours must be welcome to those who promote Jewish power in the United States since they make it possible to dismiss critics as nutters afflicted by the age-old mental disease of anti-Semitism.

    Perhaps to discredit critics of Jewish power is your intention.

  7. I was wrong. There is one US government... Controlled by Israelis
    Run by Israelis
    For Israelis

    Are you an Zionists' troll trying to cover their 911 crimes?

  8. I'm glad that you are able to admit at least one error.

    For most of us to do as much is quite a challenge, so one must acknowledge that there is some hope for you.

    As a further step, may I suggest that you refrain from the type of pointless insult with which you have ended each of your previous comments here.

    Such remarks only emphasize your failure to justify what you assert by reference to verifiable facts and coherent arguments.