Sunday, April 3, 2011

Harper writing off Quebec?

By Patrick Cleburne

A quarter-century ago (aargh!) Peter Brimelow published The Patriot Game, an iconoclastic re- evaluation of the Canadian polity. At last, it appears the development he predicted is being implemented in the upcoming election:

“…the Tories may be finally resorting to the strategy advocated by political scientist [!] Peter Brimelow in 2005: ‘While Quebec is at the centre of every major government decision ... the natural conservative tendencies of [English Canada] will continue to be frustrated. For the Canadian Right, the road to power lies not through Quebec, but around it…’
“For five years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has disregarded this advice and courted the Quebec vote… The result? Zip… it should be no surprise that in 2011 the Tories are setting their sights elsewhere.”
Who needs Quebec? by Tasha Kheiriddin, National Post , Mar. 29, 2011
What Brimelow saw was that the much-vaunted “Canadian Nationalism” which under the leftist Pierre Trudeau had caused a wholesale eradication of much-loved English Canadian symbols (including links with the U.K), and the imposition of an absurd policy of bilingualism, was a fraud. It was simply a deal whereby the Canadian English-speaking (“Anglophone” in Canadaspeak) Left bought the electoral support of the large but intensely parochial population of Francophone voters in the Province of Quebec. ...

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