Sunday, June 11, 2017

Robert Spencer, Barred Entry to the UK by Thereason May

Here's the statement that prompted the UK Home Office, under Minister Theresa May, to bar Robert Spencer from the UK:

The letter Spencer received from the Home Office, then headed by Theresa May, said:

You are reported to have stated the following: 
It [Islam] is a religion and a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers for the purpose for establishing a societal model that is absolutely incompatible with Western society … because [of] political correctness and because of media and general government unwillingness to face the sources of Islamic terrorism these things remain largely unknown.
The Home Secretary considers that should you be allowed to enter the UK you would continue to espouse such views. In doing so. you would be committing listed behaviours and would therefore be behaving in a way that is not conducive to the public good.

You are therefore instructed not to travel to the UK as you will be refused admission on arrival. Although there is no statutory right of appeal against the Home Secretary’s decision, this decision is reviewed every 3 to 5 years.
WTF happened to freedom of speech in England? Been banned evidently, along with "listed behaviours."

In her former role as Home Secretary, Ms. May was an advocate of Sharia Law in Britain. So under her direction, one can imagine "listed behaviours" could soon get you a beheading as directed by a May-approved Shariah court.

The sooner this silly Treason Party megalomaniac is removed from the page of history the better.

 Source: The Maverick Philosopher.


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