Thursday, October 13, 2016

The American Republic: There's a Lot of Life in the Old Whore Yet

Over at there's a ridiculous spiel about the epidemic of political correctness in academia that results in such lunacies, among a million others, as a Nobel Prize winner having his reputation destroyed by a liar and then booted from his academic position for some feeble self-deprecatory joke, this undeserved trashing fully backed by both the jackass Provost of University College London and the morally defective President of the Royal Society (and here, and here), a man who had shared the Nobel Prize with this victim of Royal Society persecution.

What the article at attempts to show is that political correctness on campus is the product of leftist infiltration and a failure of conservative push-back.

This notion is complete bollocks. The left rules in academia because it serves the treasonous purpose of the globalist Money Power, or what passes for the conservative right in America. Object to the globalist policy of open borders and the left deflects criticism of the corporate interest by calling you a racist. Object to women taking men’s jobs (thereby driving down wages) in preference to staying home and propagating the race, and the left calls you a male chauvinist and a misogynist.

The left in academia may be mostly insane, but they never accomplish anything detrimental to the ruling elite — like promoting the creation of labor unions, protesting trillion-dollar wars of imperialist aggression, or opposing the export of jobs.

Discussion of this and related points prompted one reader to comment.
The Republic is dead… Our political class has no ideology. They are only in it for the money.
But of course, rule of, by, and for the money was the the whole point of the American Republic.

The US has always been a plutocracy with the trappings of democracy to keep the plebs in thrall. There are two parties, the elected legislators of which sell their votes to the same moneyed interests. When the corrupt and loathsome behavior of the party in power becomes sufficiently obvious, the people throw the rascals out and get the other lot in, who once in, behave in exactly the same way and respond to exactly the same interests as the party that is now out. Bush:Clinton, Clinton:Bush, Bush:Obama/Clinton, Obama:Clinton. What difference does it make!

What has recently gone wrong, is that the Money Power has turned to treason. Thus, it seeks to abolish America as a sovereign nation state in order to extend its ownership of the global economy. Hence, it off-shores millions of jobs to cheap labor jurisdictions, while tearing down the border to allow an influx of cheap labor, and signing trade deals that allow in a mass of cheap Chinese stuff, actions that drive American living standards down as they raise the profitability of both global corporations and labor-intensive businesses at home.

The treason might have gone, if not unnoticed, unchallenged but for the Internet, which has provided channels of communication outside the system of corporate “news” distribution. Hence, the revolutionary fervor of the Trumpsters, who now face the frenzied hatred that characterizes any elite confronted by rebels.

Fortunately, for the elite, and not accidentally, the most energetic members of the proletariat, the youth of the nation, which might otherwise be throwing Molotov cocktails at Hillary campaign stops, are instead, getting triggered into full-blown hysteria over politically correct imbecilities, this with the full backing of their academic mentors. The academics, of course, being backed by the corporate interests that control the universities. That is evident from the fact that the corporate interest does nothing to change the university. On the contrary, the corporate interest runs the university. Look, for example, at the Board of Overseers of Harvard — a couple of academics, a bunch of judges, the rest bankers, big pharma execs, and other corporate representatives. Or the Board of Regents of the University of Washington, to take another example at random: nearly all corporate.

Yes, as someone very rich once said of the British Conservative Party, one might also say of the American Republic: "There’s a lot of life in the old whore yet."

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