Thursday, February 4, 2016

Swedish Feminists To Syrian Refugees: When Does the Raping Begin?

Betty Friedan. Image source
I've sometimes wondered if feminists, the female variety, that is, are not in most cases just women resentful at not being, for whatever reason, the target of at least occasional male sexual harassment.

If that were the case, the mass influx of strong, young, sex-starved, single, Islamic males intent on rape and pillage across Europe would naturally appeal to at least a certain segment of the feminist establishment. And so it appears to be the case. Or at least so it has been reported from Sweden where feminists  have launched a campaign against men that want to protect them from being raped by "Syrian" "refugees."

This, in turn, seems to confirm the genocidal intention of the US-orchestrated mass influx of young, strong, single, sex-starved Muslim males from Syria (aka, draft dodgers and economic opportunists) and elsewhere into Europe. As we noted before:
Germany has less than five million female citizens between the ages of 20 and 30, so by opening the door to one million young, Islamic males, with millions more to come, the Merkel government has cuckolded (a large part of) the male youth of Germany.

German demographics

 Presumably the intention is to follow this with ever more energetic promotion of homosexuality as an outlet for the cucked, while welcoming Islam, a faith that sanctions the brutal execution of homosexuals, as a religion of peace and love eminently compatible with European civilization.
To better understand the psychology underlying this project for the ethnic destruction of Europe, consider what would be the reaction of European males to mass influx of young, healthy unaccompanied, sex-starved females from Asia and the Middle-East.

Exactly: wild enthusiasm.


Sweden: Death By Immigration

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