Sunday, January 10, 2016

Death of the West, or Why I Hate Dogs

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Actually, I don't hate dogs. I was raised on a farm where dogs had a function, feared their master and slept in a kennel, not on, or in, the owner's bed.

What I hate is the way that dogs have come, for so many people, to provide the emotional gratification that used to be provided by children now absent from the lives of a majority of urban dwellers.

As a consequence, many people idiotically endow dogs with human rights, and assume that they have human intelligence. Meet an unleashed dog who's owner is saying something like "Now Charlie, we're on our best behavior today, aren't we," and you know your in trouble. Charlie is quite likely about to leap at you and wipe his slobbering jaw on your newly cleaned pants, and when you smack him across the nose with the back of your hand in an instinctive act of self-defense, Charlie's besotted owner will go ballistic.

The fact is, children, although infinitely more trouble, are also infinitely more intelligent than dogs and do actually come to understand the English language and can learn to be thoughtful and civilized creatures, something entirely beyond the capacity of a dog.


NY Times: Germany on the Brink

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