Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why the West Should Welcome Those Strong Young Men From Syria



The Dumbness of a Liberal: Chrystia Freeland, Canadian MP, on Islamic Extremism 
The problem that liberals have with Donald Trump is that they claim to speak for the people, but the American people, in increasing numbers, are saying: "No, Donald Trump speaks for us."

Breitbart: Obama’s VA Facility Bans ‘Merry Christmas’

Breitbart: 58% of Americans “don’t identify with what America has become.”
But not to worry. Those are just older, white, poorly educated people, soon to be replaced by poorer, less well educated, but most importantly non-white, people from elsewhere, and on that both the Republican Party and Democratic Party leadership are in firm agreement. 
CanSpeccy: The Liberal Mind and the New World Order
The liberal mind is a small and uncomplicated device. That is the danger of it. It can be fitted within the narrowest cranium. In its entirety, it consists in nothing other than two absurd ideas – from which it draws what it calls its principles – plus a great deal of venom. ...


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