Thursday, October 8, 2015

Syrian Refugees? They're Not Refugees, They're Nato Supported Draft Dodgers

So Germany's Back in the Nazi Business Collaborating with Nato and the US of A in a Criminal War of Aggression Against Syria

Who wants to go to war against a horde of US armed head-chopping liver eaters, CIA backed mercenaries and British special forces flying the ISIS flag? Not several million conscription-aged Syrian youths, evidently. It's hard to blame them.

And Turkey made it easy for Syrian army deserters and draft evaders to leave their country to its fate. Turkey has spent billions providing several million deserting Syrians a comfy place to stay. But the Turks expect others to help out too. So now Frau Merkel has become a collaborator in the Nazi Nato war of aggression against Syria, a war crime under the Nuremberg code. She has agreed to accommodate hundreds of thousands of Syrian draft dodgers, thereby weakening the Syrian state, which is slated for demolition.

Germans, obviously, are mad: poor German citizens are kicked out of state-subsidized housing to provide lodging for this horde of disaffected alien males, with nothing to do except bitch about slow Internet access, food "fit only for animals" and no free money to buy cigarettes, etc. Meantime, German girls are told to "cover up" so as not to "provoke", i.e., incite rape, by the "refugees."


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