Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Self-Destruction of Europe: Its People, Culture, and Religion

Sputnik, August 26, 2015: Europe's august nations are about to commit collective suicide. We are about to witness the willful surrender of an entire civilization, so says a well-known Danish historian.

In Denmark, human migration used to be a thing of the past, but not anymore, says Bent Jensen: "Day and night, hordes of people with fake IDs (or no IDs whatsoever) storm Europe’s undefended borders. In times past, they would’ve been forced to return whence they came by the police, army or border control. Now, however, European warships are used to escort the migrants to safe harbors, where they are provided with food, shelter and are allowed to obtain refugee status," says the professor.

Jensen points out that while there were many migrations in the past, migrants had no welfare system to rely on and had to fend for themselves. Moreover, he says, in Europe today: "We’re talking about people from another culture that is radically different from European culture. These people don’t want to assimilate, and demand special treatment for themselves. We’re talking about an endless human stream which, if left unchecked, will destroy European society."

"You can get information about all the rights that a new arrival is entitled to," Jensen points out. "A lot of organizations stand ready to help. Refugees are provided with accommodations, clothing, money, translators and legal advice, etc. And the critics are quickly silenced by the political and media elites."

"Recently one lady told me that this is how we atone for the age of colonialism," which view he maintains "[is] a manifestation of a masochistic guilt complex fueled by the education system."

"You could say that we’re responsible for overpopulation in the North Africa and in the Middle East as the colonial authorities caused great progress in healthcare," Jensen concedes. "We're not talking about refugees and migration, [but of an unopposed invasion to which] the Europeans offer no resistance to cultural colonization [by] a culture that doesn't belong in Europe but seeks to reap the fruits of the hard-working Europeans' labors."

The professor believes that Europeans willingly resign themselves to this 'suicide' due to an artificial guilt complex, naivety and a poor knowledge of history.

"Sweden is an example of what is happening. Although an extreme case, the 'Swedish malady' affects all of Western Europe. In Sweden, an alliance of politicians and intolerant (to Swedes) media managed to turn a previously well-organized country into a place where no one can feel safe," claims Jensen. "You shouldn't be surprised by the fact that Middle Eastern rules and customs are being established in European cities as you simultaneously import millions of migrants from the North Africa and the Middle East."

"We are witnessing a thing that never previously occurred in history," warns Jensen. "The voluntary surrender of an entire civilization."

Ed. Note: There's nothing voluntary about what is happening so far as the mass of ordinary Europeans are concerned. Europeans are being genocided by a traitorous elite that is bribed, blackmailed or intimidated into following order from the US/Israeli Neocon imperialists under the direction of a white-hating racist American President.

(Which numbers do not include the millions of second and third generation immigrants who, with the newcomers, will become the non-European and non-Christian majority of Britain within a generation. Darwin, Kipling, Churchill must be spinning in their graves.)

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    1. Yes, with pretty well the entire European elite bought, bribed or blackmailed to orchestrate the genocide of their own people, God is probably the only persona who can help the Europeans.