Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Donald Trump and the Coming Great Western Geopolitical and Economic Transformation

As I wrote during the last US Presidential election cycle, a Trump presidency would be the end of the New World Order, aka the Anglo-US project for global empire. Within a couple of weeks Trump will have  lock on the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination. Then, for the first time since Bill Clinton signed America up to the 1994 GATT agreement for the abolition of the sovereign nation state in the management of economic affairs, Americans will have a choice on economic policy:

On the one hand, the current policy of off-shoring American jobs, uncontrolled immigration, cheap crap from China, and Walmart wages, on the other hand a return to controlled immigration, a tariff wall to create millions of new jobs enabling Americans makes shoes and shirts, computers and car parts for one another for decent wages.

In addition, Trump offers a choice on: foreign policy — an end to multi-trillion-dollar wars for global empire; education — and end to dumbed-down, Federal-government dictated propaganda under the guise of education for a welfarized mononocracy; taxation simplification to put tax preparers out of business and to induce American corporations to repatriate foreign held profits.

For ordinary Americans the choice is a no-brainer: Trump will win whoever the Dumbocrat establishment finds to represent their disgusting lib-left PC program for the destruction of America as a sovereign nation state.

With the collapse of America's imperialist project, Europe will at last be liberated from American occupation. At least a few of the most obnoxious puppets of the US-directed drive to genocide the European people by mass slaughter of the unborn, mass immigration, and multi-culturalism — the likes of Blair, Merkel, and Sarkosy — may get their comeuppance. Already, the front-runner in the race for the leadership of Britain's Labour Party is calling for Blair to tried for war crimes.

The return of economic sovereignty to America and Europe will mean a return to full employment, rising standards of living, a resumption of education as education not propaganda, and the return of national self-respect. As prices of manufactured goods again reflect the cost of local labor, there will be a period of adjustment during which prices rise sharply. Car prices for example could easily double or triple, similarly for electronics and apparel. But millions of the part-time employed, the unemployed and the totally discouraged workforce dropouts will have real jobs, self-respect and path for self-advancement, all of which are more important for human well being than any quantity of stuff shipped from Asian sweatshops for the enrichment of Apple or Nike stockholders.

Moreover, in a high-wage West, the automation revolution will take hold much more rapidly than in a West of high unemployment and a mass immigration of unskilled labor. That means high wage jobs in the West for the technicians, engineers and programmers who will drive this new industrial revolution.

What we are about to see is: an end to the Islamization of Europe; an end to the displacement of the European people by Third-World immigrants; a backlash against the treasonous agents of Western national destruction; a very tough time for immigrant groups in Europe unwilling to assimilate, including the possibility of large-scale expulsions; a sharp rise in inflation and interest rates; a general crash in property prices; a boom in stocks of home-based manufacturing companies.



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