Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm Sorry Russia?

Over at Rock Solid Politics, Canadian political scientist and former soldier, Brad Cabana, apologizes to Russia for the Harper Government's insolent refusal to send an official representative to this Saturday's Moscow Victory Day Parade that honors the colossal sacrifices of the Russian people in their epic struggle to defeat Nazi Germany during World War 2.

 It should be remembered, though, that it was the Soviets, by their agreement to the August 23, 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact for the gang-rape of Poland, that precipitated the war. It just happened that Hitler, Stalin's partner in crime, turned against him (or possibly Hitler acted to preempt a Soviet plan to attack Germany), which suited the West since it resulted in the trashing of Germany, then the main threat to US and British power. For this reason it was, for many years, deemed appropriate in the West to praise the Russian war effort.

But today, Russia's revival as a world power threatens to block the Eastward expansion of US/NATO in its drive to establish a corporate-controlled global empire, hence the Western military pressure being brought to bear on Russia, and the Western cultivation of Russophobia.

For the people of the West, therefore, the question today (insofar as the people in the West have any relevance to government action, which is doubtful) is whether they favor the corporate-owned global empire in which the nation states as racial and cultural entities are to be destroyed by mass migrations and enforced multiculturalism, or would prefer to remain part of a multipolar world of racially and culturally homogeneous, democratic, sovereign nation states as championed by the Putin and the other BRICs nations. If the latter, they should join with Brad Cabana in apologizing to Russia for the Harper Government's shameful display of contempt for the dreadful sacrifices of the Russian people during World War 2.

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