Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jewish Power in America

In an interview with the Saker, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, said:
All the evidence is that Israel controls the US, but only its MidEast policy.
This I believe is incorrect. In particular I believe that the qualification "only its MidEast Policy", is incorrect.

The United States is a plutocracy with the trappings of democracy. The money power finances election campaigns and owns the media. Mostly, the outcome of an election is determined before the vote is counted or the campaign begun through the selection of candidates committed to the interests of the money power. Insofar as elections matter at all, they amount only to faction fights among plutocrats, the outcome dependent on campaign funding and manipulation of opinion through control of the media.

First, then, what is the power of Jews within plutocratic America?

According to Forbes Magazine, more than one quarter of America's richest citizens are Jews, although Jews are said to account for less than 2% of America's population. Potentially, therefore, Jews have great power in America. That power can only be enhanced by the evident readiness of many rich Jews to contribute generously to political causes. Moreover, Jews have a tremendous sense of group identity, continually reinforced by the Holocaust Industry, which insures that their political influence tends to be concentrated on achieving quite specific and, among Jews, generally agreed objectives. It is reasonable to suppose therefore that Jews are the most powerful ethnic group in the USA.

Second, then, what are the political objectives of rich Jews in America.

Seemingly, most Jewish-American plutocrats are Zionists, which is to say they are committed to the interests of the state of Israel. But the state of Israel does not encompass all or even the majority of the Jewish nation, the greatest proportion of which resides in America. It is reasonable, therefore, to suppose that the primary objective of plutocratic Jews in America is to promote the interest of American Jews — in politics, academia, the bureaucracy and business.

To tribally-oriented Jews, it must be seen that this objective can be furthered by destroying the dominance in America of ethnic Europeans, an objective now approaching fulfillment through mass multiracial immigration, multiculturalism, and the suppression of white pride, the Christian faith and Western culture, the latter objectives being accomplished through brainwashing, aka education, and political correctness enforced by police and administrative action.

Not all Jews are committed to such a program, obviously, and some publicly oppose it. Among ordinary American Jews many, perhaps most, may be as clueless about what is really happening in their country as are the majority of Euro-Americans now well on their way to minority status, not only in what were formerly great American cities such as Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, St. Louis, Baltimore, Oakland, etc., but state by state and, within a generation, nationally.

Thus American government is powerfully influenced by a plutocratic Jewish minority, not only in the interests of Israel but in the interests of the Jewish nation in America and world-wide. This is not to say that others in America are without power. It is the case, however, that non-Jews in America are not only disinclined to think in racial terms but have for the most part been indoctrinated to believe that to serve first the interests of one's own people constitutes an intolerable evil. So long as that view prevails — which is to say, as long as that view continues to be effectively imposed — the European people, both in Europe and America will continue on the path to early extinction: inundated by aliens, out-reproduced, stripped of their culture and religious tradition, while their jobs and future prospects are off-shored and out-sourced by the money power, both Jewish and otherwise.


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