Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Benign Genocide of the Western Nations: The Role of Planned Reproductive Dysfunction

The Saker has a post on "Western Sexual Dysfunction," prompted by the MSM's bizarre interpretation of a courteous gesture by Vladimir Putin's toward the wife of Chinese President Xi, during this month's APEC meeting in Beijing.

Putin "hits on" Obama? Source
"Putin Hits on Chinese First Lady," blares the Council on Foreign Relations magazine Foreign Policy — an obvious absurdity picked up by other news outlets. Oddly, the same theme has not been repeated by the media in the context of Putin's friendly pat on Obama's shoulder at the same APEC meeting. But perhaps such an interpretation would raise unbecoming questions about Obama's sexual orientation.

According to the Saker, the West's sexual problems are cultural and religious in origin. But a more parsimonious explanation is that Wesstern sexual dysfunction has been deliberately induced to serve the purpose of the New World Order.

Sexual dysfunction has to be gauged primarily according to its reproductive consequences. By that measure, the West is severely sexually dysfunctional, with the indigenous majority in virtually every Western state having a fertility rate well below the replacement rate of 2.1.

In Greece and Bosnia, for example, the locals are rapidly approaching extinction with a fertility rate of only 1.3. Germany, Italy and Bosnia are headed for oblivion too, with a fertility rate of only 1.4.

By the same standard, the Russians are doing slightly better with a fertility rate of 1.6 but not as well as the Brits and the Americans who appear to be maintaining something close to population stability with a fertility rate of 1.9.

But the latter figure conceals the extent to which the native born are losing out to immigrants. For example, in Britain, native-born mothers match the poor performance of Russian women with a fertility rate of 1.6, whereas Libyan immigrants are hitting 5.6. Many other immigrant groups are well over 4.0, and Bangladeshi mothers, at 3.9, are doing much better than their sisters back home in Bangladesh.

This process of benign genocide is the result of a toxic culture, which protects the right to the slaughter of the unborn, holds in high regard billionaire pornographers such as Rupert Murdoch and Silvio Berlusconni, and makes instruction in fellatio part of the school curriculum.

Some may attribute such decline to undue permissiveness or the abandonment of religion. But the process of Western genocide, both racial and cultural, is too systematic for that. Rather it is more reasonably understood as the result of a deliberate policy to destroy the powerful Western nation states, the better to subordinate them to the Anglo-Zionist New World Order, with its oligarch-owned pseudodemocracy.

Putin's Russia, where the fertility of the native born has rebounded from a 1999 low of less than 1.2, being resistant to covert destruction, is in line for subordination by harsher measures.


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