Thursday, November 13, 2014

All the News the Mainstream Media Want You to Forget

President Porky Declares War on His Own People

Vinyard of the Saker: The Nazi plan for Novorussia: children bombed into basements and total war

Kiev's Latest Failed Assault on Eastern Ukraine

Fort Russ: The failed Ukrainian blitzkrieg that everyone failed to notice

Fatal Mistake, Did Kissinger say? 

 Yes, according to many news sources

Funny thing, though, in Spiegel's English translation, "fatal mistake" has become a mere "mistake." Nothing to worry about, then, folks.

Germans, En Masse, Abandon Germany's CIA-Bought Mass Media

Russia Insider: Germans Turn on Lying News Sites

Ukie Nazi Warriors Acknowledge Brit Alliance

Independent: White widow 'dead': Reports Samantha Lewthwaite killed in Ukraine dismissed as false

The White Widow, Samantha Lewthwaite, widow of alleged 7/7 London Tube train bomber Lindsay Germaine, is wanted by Interpol in connection with the planned bombings in Kenya. Concerning reports Lewthwaite had been killed by a Russian sniper while fighting with the Ukie Aidar battallion, the Independent reports:
Aidar commander Sergiy Melnychuk told BuzzFeed News the reports were false. He said: “We don’t have any white widows, and nor could we. They’re [the Russians} trying to drive a wedge between us and our British allies.”
So there's confirmation that the Brits are aiding the Nazis in the Ukraine civil war.

Bollocks from the New World Ordure: SEAL Who Claims To Have Killed Bin-Laden a Liar Says Fellow Warrior 

Mail Online. EXCLUSIVE - SEALS AT WAR: Fellow warriors brand Rob O'Neill a LIAR after he claims he was the shooter who fired three bullets into Bin Laden's head.

LOL. Liars lying about the lies they've told.

Related:  Bin Laden died in 2001

Loony Conspiracy Theory — Not?


How Mid-Term Elections Affect Obama

Finian Cunningham. America’s Moribund Democracy a Harbinger of More War: 
"With Republican control over the Congress, US President Barack Obama is now a lame-duck leader who can’t even quack."

How a Girl From Small-Town British Columbia Exposed JP Morgan's Humungus Mortgage Theft

Meet Alayne Fleischmann, the woman JPMorgan Chase paid one of the largest fines in American history to keep from talking

Matt Taibbi: The nine-billion-dollar witness.

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