Thursday, September 11, 2014

Igor Strelkov: NATO's Backing for Nazified Ukraine, Russia's Fifth Column and the War for the Destruction of Russia

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Strelkov, aka Igor Girkin, reminds me of Strelnikov, aka Pasha Antipov, Lara's estranged husband — a man who considered the personal life to be dead,  as played by Tom Courtney in David Lean's film of Boris Pasternak's great novel, Dr. Zhivago. In fact, Strelkov could play the part better than Courtney. Like Strelnikov, Strelkov seems half crazy. Russia may be plagued by a fifth column, but his blaming fifth columnists for bad Russian policy in Ukraine seems either paranoid, or else a way of giving an attack on Putin the appearance of patriotism.

Strelkov, clearly wanted a direct march on Kiev, whereas Putin seems intent on roiling Western public opinion by allowing people in the West to see what scum the Obama-led US Empire and its EU puppets are backing.

To that end, stasis in Ukraine serves Putin best. Moreover, Putin must be happy to see Obarma drive the EU puppets to impose sanctions on Russia, since that allows Russia to impose commensurate retaliatory sanctions that enhance Russian self-sufficiency while pushing the EU into even deeper recession, creating further disaffection with the empire.

However, contrary to the urging of Paul Craig Roberts, Russia will not cut energy supplies to Europe (except under special circumstances, such as during Poland's recent attempt to get around Russia's termination of service to Ukraine for non-payment by back-flowing Russian gas to Ukraine. Russia) but will protect its reputation as a reliable energy supplier and a keeper of contracts.

If, however, the EU determines of its own accord to freeze in the dark this coming winter by shutting the valve on Russian gas, the better will that fulfil Putin's objective; namely, Western demoralization, raising the possibility of open European revolt against US hegemony, already beginning to be apparent in the recent electoral successes of European nationalist parties.

In all of this, one wonders about the role of Frau Merkel. In Putin's company she always appears at ease, not surprisingly since they speak one another's language and share an upbringing under the Soviet system. Yet Merkel goes along with all the foolish anti-Russian rhetoric and sanctions.

Could it be that she is simply playing along with Putin's strategy. That would explain expectations that she will resign as Chancellor sometime next year. When the downside to Obama's war on Russia — the economic cost plus the emotional stress for Europeans, particularly Germans, of backing war-criminal Nazis — becomes generally apparent, a change of regime will allow Germany to assert a new and more constructive direction in its relations with Russia.


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We gonna make those Russkies fight us in Ukraine no matter what.

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