Saturday, July 20, 2013

Justice for Trayvon: Obama's Campaign for Race Hatred

The Faculty Lounge: What Do Zimmerman’s Calls to Police Show About His View of Black Men?
If he would publicly debate Michelle Meyer, the author of this piece, we'd know for sure whether Obarmy is a stupid fuck or a lying cunt.

But we know the President of the United States is not stupid, therefore ...

Michelle Meyer, tries to finesse this point by suggesting that if Obama is peddling a totally warped account of the Trayvon Martin killing it is because he is looking at it from a different perspective than other people.

That's all very charitable but total bunk such as to be expected from an academic with security of tenure to think about. The truth is that the President of the United States does not provoke racial antagonism merely as the result of a weird personal perspective, which means folks should be asking themselves what the Nobel Piss Prize winner is aiming at.

The US is undergoing a wrenching transition from a land of opportunity to a country of widespread unemployment and underemployment, diminishing opportunity, declining incomes and much outright poverty.

Racial conflict will certainly help take the heat off a government whose globalist agenda serves the money power, not the people in whose name the government supposedly rules.

Meantime, the majority racial group in America, the Europeans who made America a great nation under constitutional rule, are to be displaced through mass immigration:
Today, largely because of immigration, there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City. Within five years, there will be no majority race in our largest state, California. In a little more than 50 years, there will be no majority race in the United States. No other nation in history has gone through demographic change of this magnitude in so short a time … [These immigrants] are energizing our culture and broadening our vision of the world. They are renewing our most basic values and reminding us all of what it truly means to be American.

Bill Clinton Commencement Address at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon June 13, 1998
Some Americans of European extraction aren't terrifically thrilled to see the country that their forebears built taken over by the Third World. So forcing a load of guilt down their throats is just the thing to keep them off-balance and demoralized.
CCC: The large violent underclass in Sanford, Florida
A fifty year old white man was brutally beaten with a hammer by two black males. A witness saw the attack and called police. The victim’s injuries were severe and he was left with serious permanent damage. It was probably the intent of the suspects to kill him. The suspects are Julius Bender and Yahaziel Israel. When this horrific incident took place it only received a small blip in the news. The Orlando Sentinel censored the race of the victim even though it was in the police report. ...

At the time of the attack, Trayvon Martin was local news in every market in the entire United States. Yet all this man got was a small censored blurb in the local daily. ....

... one of the suspects has a Hebrew name. His father is the local leader of a murderous anti-white religious cult. They call themselves the true Hebrews and believe they are preparing for a race war with white people. The group is called “Nation of Yahweh” and it is run by the notorious cult leader Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Members of the group have been convicted of crimes for their roles in fourteen murders and two attempted murders. Watchdogs believe that the cult is responsible for even more. The group’s leader served eleven years for his role in the murders. Yahaziel’s sister also has a Hebrew name, suggesting that his father raised them in the murderous cult. ...

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  1. 'Justice for Trayvon' is just the corollary for the distaff side of what's left of the 'real' America. The kind of folk who are, to-day, chipping-in to buy Zimmerman a new pistol. (His old one is sequestered by the Florida court - not that he did anything wrong with it, mind you.)They're the same type of fools who strung up dummies on the trees their college campus to 'celebrate' Obama's run for the presidency.

    Let's face it, the average, white, ex-majority American, while still a cut above the black, is little advanced beyond Archie Bunker. He's baffled by the fact that, for the first time, life isn't going to be better for him than it was for his daddy. And while he still uses more of the earth's resources than the 'average joe' anywhere else, laying hand on it, getting the locals to give it up, is a shell game long past.

    Still and all he's ready willing and able to swap, his freedumb for 'security', get behind 'the greatest force for good on earth' and give it the old 'high-school' try. 'Fighting' for freedom, whether at home or abroad, is an American 'quality'.

    1. What are you saying here? That Americans of European extraction are all trash so the sooner the're replaced by folks from elsewhere the better?

      And American black's, you're saying, are even worse trash than the whites?

      One wonders, is "popsiq" a self-hating white? a Third-World settler? or a paid mouthpiece for the money power?

  2. Steve Sailer draws attention here, to one of the reasons America's elite are happy to see America's white + black majority reduced to a minority amidst a sea of Third World immigrants:

    From Ron Unz's article on race and crime:

    " ... replacing a city’s blacks with immigrants would tend to lower local crime rates by as much as 90%, and during the 1990s American elites may have become increasingly aware of this important fact, together with the obvious implications for their quality of urban life and housing values.

    According to Census data, between 1990 and 2010 the number of Hispanics and Asians increased by one-third in Los Angeles, by nearly 50% in New York City, and by over 70% in Washington, D.C. The inevitable result was to squeeze out much of the local black population, which declined, often substantially, in each location. And all three cities experienced enormous drops in local crime, with homicide rates falling by 73%, 79%, and 72% respectively, perhaps partly as a result of these underlying demographic changes. Meanwhile, the white population increasingly shifted toward the affluent, who were best able to afford the sharp rise in housing prices. It is an undeniable fact that American elites, conservative and liberal alike, are today almost universally in favor of very high levels of immigration, and their possible recognition of the direct demographic impact upon their own urban circumstances may be an important but unspoken factor in shaping their views."

  3. Sailer has a terrific talent for bringing something interesting to the table, like here.

    The seven percent of Americans who "recovered" from the last recession are the same ones who profit from the Global Economy. In absolute terms they are the Only Elite That Matters in America and their Euro-Can-ANZAC counterparts are congruent.

    Add Sailer's insights to the Only Elite That Matters and a strategy immediately presents itself, the same strategy General Anthony Herbert tried to implement in the waning days of the Vietnam War: Enclaves. The idea in Vietnam was to skip the peace talks and anchor regional "enclaves" throughout the South, keeping them armed and supplied with the Seventh Fleet.

    Herbert's genius got him ragged by both Peaceniks and Hawks, an amazing feat for the early 70s. Maybe he was spilling the beans on how the West is to be sold off?

    The enclaves are happening, only now it will be racial and "global" in terms of the Only Elite That Matters. The current phase, though, is less bunkering down the rich enclaves than making sure the poor ones are well and truly cut off and trashed. Pacification-by-immigrant will be like pouring gas on a fire in a few years when even US Federal pensions fail. I'm sure Sailer knows that streetwise blacks are on to the phony economic recovery, not to mention the fact that riots are now being arranged and planned, like sporting events. The center isn't holding because mere anarchy is being forced upon the land. Detroit is the first domino in a freefall pension collapse. Before the next election cycle, "the poor" will include nearly everyone EXCEPT the Only Elite That Matters.

    But by then, the critical wealthy enclaves can harden and see to their private armies, nuclear drones and whatever else. Most of us will be too busy by that time. It's going to be Blackhawk Down from sea to shining sea.

    1. The enclaves are happening ...

      See that the BBC is airing the idea of independence for London, suavely promoted by a turbaned gentleman from another continent.

      Apparently independence would save London twenty billion quid a year, while leaving the fleeing indigenes to fester in poverty in their rural reserves, the rulers of which, like the chiefs of Canada's Indian bands and South Africa's one-time bantustans, will be bribed to keep the lid on their disaffected subjects by any means they find both convenient and personally profitable.

  4. Yes, like that. And NYC, when I was there a few years ago. Light-years different from the NYC of the 60s-70s from my youth. The place can sever itself from the mainland in less than an hour, and nothing but mostly nice minority immigrants left for the most part. (I'm sure they have plans for any un-nice folks left, minority or otherwise.)

    Seems they borrowed the model from the former Crown Colony of Hong Kong, since the Crown didn't need it anymore.

    1. mostly nice minority immigrants

      Yes, the legal immigrants are most nice people.

      Mostly, brighter and more energetic than the average of both their native community and the community to which they have moved.

      Western states invited them, they see a chance to raise their standard of living, so they came. Better to work in the West, even if only for the minimum wage than drive a pedi-cab in Kolkata. And they're anxious to fit in. So naturally people like them.

      I like them.

      But I don't want to live in an Islamic republic, as many Muslim immigrants seek to create, and I don't want to live next door to practitioners of Voodoo.

      But oppose the policy of destroying your national culture through state enforced multiculturalism, and the replacement of your own folks, however dim and dozy they may be, with people from elsewhere and the self-hating liberal genocidalists call you a "Racist," and want you dismissed from your job, publicly humiliated if not jailed.