Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Control

Thousands rally in state capitals from New England to Texas against stricter gun control laws

Eliminate President's armed guard: White House Petition gets more than 25,000 signatures

FBI: Hammers, Clubs Kill More People Than Rifles, Shotguns

Independent Journal: NBC Admitted: No ‘Assault Rifle’ Used in Newtown Shooting

Blacks and Hispanics in New York City account for 51% of the population but 98% of all shootings. Whites, who account for 45% of the population, account for only 1.5% of all shootings.

Since those who commit gun crime are criminals, and since criminals will get guns whether legally or otherwise, gun control means denying law-abiding white and Black and Hispanic Americans the right to defend themselves against armed and dangerous -- mainly black and hispanic -- criminals, seemingly a recipe for a massacre of (mainly) whites. Its this Obama's objective?

Source of data — City Journal, Distorting the Truth About Crime and Race

Tony Catalucci: 3D Printed Guns Render Gun Control Moot

Carroll Quigley on On Guns and Freedom
". . . [T]he nature, organization and control of weapons is the most significant of the numerous factors that determines what happens in political life." [p. 1,200]

". . . We have democracy because around 1880 the distribution of weapons in this society was such that no minority could make a majority obey. If you have a society in which weapons are cheap, so that almost anyone can obtain them, and are easy to use — what I call amateur weapons — then you have democracy. But if the opposite is true, weapons extremely expensive and very difficult to use — the medieval knight, for example, with his castle, the supreme weapons of the year 1100 — in such a system, with expensive and difficult-to-use weapons, you could not possibly have majority rule. But in 1880 for $100 you could get the two best weapons in the world, a Winchester rifle and a Colt revolver; so almost anyone could buy them. With weapons like these in the hands of ordinary people, no minority could make the majority obey a despotic government.

Mohandas Gandhi Versus Barak Obama On the Right to Bear Arms

How Obama’s Gun ‘Order’ will Backfire
After the 1987 Florida right-to-carry legislation, homicide, firearm homicide and handgun homicide rates all decreased. Eight of Florida’s 10 largest cities experienced drastic decreases in homicide rates from 1987 through 1995: Jacksonville, down 46 percent; Miami, down 13 percent; Tampa Bay, down 24 percent; Orlando, down 41 percent; Fort Lauderdale, down 53 percent; Hollywood, down 30 percent; Clearwater, down 21 percent; and Miami Beach down an incredible 93 percent.

Opponents of Florida’s right-to-carry legislation claimed their state would become known as the “Gunshine State.” But the last quarter century’s actual experience (as of mid-2011, Florida has issued a total of 2,031,106 concealed-carry permits under the 1987 law) proves Florida’s trailblazing program to fight crime has been a tremendous success. As U.S. Sen. Orin Hatch, R- Utah, put it: “The effect of that legislation on state crime rates has been astonishing. The predictions of the gun-control advocates were wrong, flat wrong.”

But no matter. Politicians and others intent on restricting or eliminating firearms ownership ignore mountains of evidence, virtually all of which points to the same conclusion – that guns in the hands of responsible, law-abiding citizens always, in all places and times, result in a safer, more secure and more civilized society.

Thomas L. Knapp: “Gun Control for the Children?” Sorry, No Sale

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro: A Gun Ban That Misfired

Image source: Freedom Bunker.

Gary North: Drudge Links Obama and Hitler on Gun Control. Left Cries, 'Foul!'

ClarionLedger: Mississippi will block Obama's federal gun actions

Judge Napolitano: "Either We Have a 2nd Amendment or We Don't"

NRA President: "Elite Schools In Washington Protected By Armed Security"

No Guns, No Violence:

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