Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Liberal Mind and the New World Order

The liberal mind is a small and uncomplicated device. That is the danger of it. It can be fitted within the narrowest cranium. In its entirety, it consists in nothing other than two absurd ideas – from which it draws what it calls its principles – plus a great deal of venom.

The central tenets of liberal ideology are these: first, that the only sin is to hurt another, with the corollary that it is a sin to prevent another from performing any act that hurts no other; and second, that it is the right and duty of every liberal to hurt sinners against liberalism's prime directive as much as possible. It is this second principle that is liberalism's chief driving force, since hurting others is a great pleasure, particularly to the unimaginative and narrow-minded, and especially when undertaken in the conviction of one's own righteousness.

The evil consequences of liberalism are manifold and manifest to be seen by anyone with even a modicum of common sense who is not in thrall to this fanatical doctrine. The reasons for the evil consequences of liberalism are equally plain to see. The world is complicated. Events are connected. How then does speedy Jack or permissive Jane know whether adopting the sexual mores of a Bonobo ape hurts anyone or not? Obviously, neither of them has a clue. But since cock sucking is part of today's school curriculum, it must be a sin to condemn it, which presumably explains why "cock sucker" has disappeared from the lexicon of liberal abuse.

Some things that hurt no other, may give even a liberal pause for thought. One hundred and eighty-nine thousand abortions in the UK in 2011, for example. But not to worry. Just like those Christian leaders who have the balls to raise hateful questions about liberal values, liberals have their own theologians and pontiffs who, happily for the fornicating masses, deem the unborn and even those recently born, to have not "the same moral status as actual persons." So hey, let's grant Canada's highest honor to our great abortionist cum tax evader.

That the fertility of all Western states has now fallen below the replacement rate, which means all face eclipse by mass immigration in their own homelands within a generation, is not a problem to the liberal who was never taught to connect the dots. on the contrary, the liberal rage to eliminate all barriers to promiscuous fornication without reproduction culminates in howling for the death of those opposed to the use of contraception.

A South Sudanese theatre company perform Shakespeare's Cymbeline. The exquisite diversity
of mankind is the result of natural selection, mutation, and genetic drift occurring over thousands
of years among isolated inbreeding populations. Image source.
In the media- and state-education-controlled mind of the liberal, mass immigration is another of those things that hurts no one, which means that those who oppose the genocide of their own people through mass immigration must be deemed utterly hateful. To the liberal, these are the racists, who deny pasty-faced European youth the chance at shagging an Asian or getting shafted by a fine young African. It's called loving diversity. Which in practice means loving diversity to death, since you cannot maintain diversity without separation of the diverse, and beautiful, races of mankind.

Oh, and there's the ethnic food! Who but a lunatic racist would object to the genocide of one's own race as the price of crispy Thai chicken, chow mein, sweet and sour, jalfrezi, chicken tandori or, "a tikka masala, a tikka masala, my kingdom for a tikka masala" as Richard III cried moments before being slain at the battle of Bosworth Field. Yes, only an evil person would oppose the death of a nation for ethnic fast food.

One could go on. But these examples are sufficient to reveal the essence of liberalism. It is a state-induced psychopathology that is rapidly bringing to an end not only Western civilization but the nations of the west, which be replaced by people a little harder headed than a western liberal. But the death of the European nations will have been worth it, if it reduces the world to control by the money power — so anyway, the brainwashed masses will be taught, as they are selected and culled to serve the purpose of the globalist elite.

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